10 good football new-year resolutions for 2018

It’s Monday, January 1st, 19:00. You’re on the couch, still recovering. You’re watching Everton – Manchester United. The anchor keeps drumming up the one statistic of 2017 after the other. And then, out of nowhere, you are asking yourself what it is you did last year. A couple of memories seep in; ending up at the bottom of the competition with your own football mates, that horrible family weekend and also losing that bag of cash at the Unibet. You’re quick to conclude: 2017 was not the greatest football year.

In other words: time to draw up those 2018 new year resolutions! Just to help you out a bit, we’ve put nice little list of resolutions together for you:

1. No more betting on Manchester United;

Mourinho meme

2. Being the designated drive for your friends every once in a while;

Drink Responsibly

3. Minding your language more during matches;

Angry little footballfan

4. Not taking corners anymore if you’re just going to kick the ball into the bleachers anyway;

Sneijder corner

5. Not going all out EVERY Friday night;

Drinking with friends

6. Actually working out more when at the gym;

Gym meme

7. Not pulling a Lewis Hamilton when driving the team;

Lewis Hamilton

8. Arguing less with the referee. After all, he’s there for the fun too;

Pierluigi Collina

9. No more zapping away from a romantic comedy to a Champions League match;

Champions League meme

10. And last but certainly not least: taking a football trip to see one of your favourite European clubs.