The schedule for the new La Liga season has been released. It will be a season packed with memorable games, brilliant dribbling and hard tackles. Exactly what Spanish football is known for. Do you need any more reasons to visit a football match in Spain this season? Here are 5 more!

1. Messi, of course

Lionel Messi. Where does one begin. He might be the best footballer of all times but right now he certainly is the best active player in the world. The living legend scores his goals and makes his moves for FC Barcelona. He really is a unique footballer. Just like your grandfather had to witness Johan Cruijff in real life, you have to have seen Messi once in your life.

Messi’s first game is on 26/8 against Real Betis. He will light up Camp Nou once again putting on display all the skills he has. You can be one of 99,354 fans who witness the ball virtuoso’s magic.


2. The nice warm weather

Spain does not just have excellent football; the weather is also top notch. In August, the month La Liga starts, the average temperature is 23 degrees. A comfortable temperature to watch a football match at, or?

Want to be relaxed before the match? Take a trip to Barcelona in the morning or afternoon. Whether you take a walk on the beach, or on the walk from the metro, charge your battery before the start of the match. You can get a refreshing beverage before the game starts as well. August is the warmest month of the year: with a pleasant average of 26 degrees.

3. Lively Stadiums

The Spanish fans bring the stadiums to life with their passion. Applause, screaming and singing of the  fans ensures that they can be heard far beyond the stadium walls.  You can certainly prepare for a lively atmosphere if you are planning to watch one of the many derbies in Spanish football. El Clasíco, Derbi Madrileño or the Derbi Barceloní are unique experiences that will surely be remembered for a long time.

You can book your trip to Spain’s two biggest derbies with us:

  • Derbi Madrileño – 29/9/2019
  • El Clasíco – 27/10/2019

4. The Classic of the Classics

You have the Sagrada Familia. The Dali Museum. The nightlife on Ibiza. Walks through the Pyrenees. But there is something greater than all the tourist traps in Spain: El Clasíco! The biggest and most famous football derby in the world; a football fight with political appeal: Catalonia versus Spain.

Regardless of whether it’s the Champions League final or a friendly game, El Clasíco guaranties goals, fighting spirit, grit and a great spectacle.

5. Goals, Goals and more Goals

One picture says more than a thousand words and one video says more than a thousand pictures. Watch this video and enjoy the best goals of the past La Liga season. Will you be there when the best goals of the next season are scored?