The Vicente Calderón has been destroyed, flats have been built on the holy Boleyn Ground and the old Highbury can only be recognized by the facade. A goodbye to a stadium is a goodbye forever. Very painful for the fans but also a shame for football enthusiast that didn’t have the chance to visit these beautiful stadiums. These are 5 stadiums you need to visit, before it is too late. Make sure to time your trip right before these stadiums are no more.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza / San Siro (Inter Milan and AC Milan)

You’ve still got a little time to see the top clubs of Milan play in their original stadium, but from the 2022/2023 season onwards, Inter Milan and AC Milan will move to the Nuovo Stadio Milano after nearly 100 years in their current stadium. The renovation of the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, named San Siro by the AC Milan fans, was simply not an option as it would have meant that both clubs would have had to find a new home during the time of the renovations. The new stadium will be more modern and safe but the history of Paul Ince, Ray Wilkins and David Beckham will stay at the old stadium. The old stadium will remain but will not be used by football clubs anymore. So plan a trip to Milan quickly if you want to see Zlatan Ibrahimović or Ashley Young in action at the San Siro.

San Siro

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Stadio Olimpico (As Rome and Lazio)

AS Rome and Lazio are fed up with having to share a stadium. Since 1953 the rivals have both played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, but they will soon be relieved from this. AS Rome is the first of the two to move from the stadium in which Ajax Amsterdam lost the 1996 Champions League final against Juventus. The club was supposed to move to the new Stadio della Rome in 2019 however, the construction project was delayed due to bureaucratic reasons. The stadium was inspired by the Colosseum. As of now, the relocation of AS Roma is definitely on the schedule.

Lazio presented plans for a new stadium in 2000, but due to financial problems these were binned. Now the club is working on a new design for the stadium that will replace the Stadio Olimpico.

Stadio Olimpico

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Estadio Mestalla (Valencia)

The iconic Mestalla from Valencia ranks high on the bucket list of many football fans. The oldest stadium in Spain lies not far from the coast and is notorious for the grandstand on the north side that runs down steeply. Whilst Valencia still plays at its trusted home stadium, the new stadium is already waiting four kilometres away. The first stone was laid for the new stadium in 2007 but in 2009 the construction came to a standstill. The project was resumed only last year. If you still want to visit the original Mestalla, you’ve got a year or two left. The mayor of Valencia wants to demolish the stadium between 2021 and 2023.


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Goodison Park Everton

A classic English stadium from 1892 with seats close to the field and a fanatic but familiar atmosphere during games. Goodison Park is in many ways a jewel of a stadium but Everton is set to move for the 2023/2024 season. The club wants to grow financially and a larger and more modern stadium can help with that. That’s why a new stadium will soon be built in the port: The Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium. The hyper-modern stadium will have space for 52,000 fans, that will hopefully bring with them the atmosphere from Goodison Park. The Everton fans aren’t against the new stadium but will dearly miss the familiar home of Goodison Park. The Toffees will stay at Goodison Park for another 2,5 seasons, after that the stadium will be torn down.

Goodison Park

Griffin Park (Brentford)

The current season (2019/2020)will be the last for Brentford in the authentic Griffin Park. The stadium in west London is located in the middle of a residential area and is known because there is a pub on every corner. In the summer of 2020 The Bees will move to the new Brentford Community stadium that is located in the same neighbourhood. With the move, the capacity will increase to 5000 but there is the fear that the atmosphere at the cosy Griffin Park will be lost. Nostalgia in the making.

Griffin Park