5 tips to still make it a Valentine’s Day to remember

Yes, gentlemen, the most romantic day of the year is already quickly approaching: Valentine’s Day. This means it is at last that time again to start thinking what to get that special someone. We know, the thing you’ve been looking out for an entire year! To make sure you make it through with flying colours this year, as you did last year no doubt, we’re here to help.

Read our 5 tips for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day

1. Dinner at the local sports pub

Sports pub

Quality time with your special someone and seeing your favourite European football club play that important match.

2. Getting married inside the stadium of your favourite club

Marry at Camp Nou

OK, this one is for those with a pretty solid relationship. But, asking your girl to marry you at; say, Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

3. Hotel acommodations for two

Holiday Inn Norwich

Wandering around a city and doing lots of shopping; that’s what most ladies like to do. But choose your hotel and city wisely, because you might get one with a view as pretty as the Holiday Inn near the stadium of Norwich City.

4. Let her go out and do something fun with her girlfriends – on a Sunday

Spa & Wellness

Get her a Spa and Wellness arrangement with her girlfriends, on a Sunday. And while you wait for her to return, you might as well check out what’s happening in Spain on the Tele.

5. A romantic weekend in Paris

Eiffeltower selfie

Taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower, strolling along the Seine…. And, a Paris Saint-Germain match. A weekend in Paris can have it all!