A three-day football trip to FC Barcelona

A fantastic city and one of the best football clubs in the world. For those two reasons alone, should a football trip to FC Barcelona be on your sporty bucket list. In this blog we give you a unique insight into how your football trip to FC Barcelona could look like.

Day 1 – Flight and Sightseeing
Today has been circled red in your calendar: Football trip to FC Barcelona – Sevilla. It’s an early morning for you: your football mate is meeting you at your place at 08:00. A quick breakfast, getting dressed and brushing your teeth with your FC Barcelona electric toothbrush. The doorbell rings. Luckily, you are all packed and the two of make it to the airport a short while later. After a comfortable flight of only two hours, you arrive at FC Barcelona. In spite that it is already November, it is sunny and the temperature is a sweet 15 degrees. Not a bad start of a football weekend! An very affordable taxi ride takes you both to the hotel, which is at walking distance from Camp Nou. Ideal for after the match tomorrow.

Sightseeing is on the program for the rest of the day. You visit La Rambla, La Barceloneta beach and the Sagrada Familia. Good thing you’ve got your FC Barcelona backpack for all the souvenirs you have bought. You close off the day at the beach – at the CDLC club, to be precise, which was once run by Patrick Kluivert and his wife.

Day 2 – The Match
The alarm goes off: Matchday! The top match, FC Barcelona – Sevilla has been scheduled for 16:00. It’s rather late in the morning by the time the alarm goes off. But there is no rush. The hotel is right by the stadium, so all you have to do is throw on your FC Barcelona shirt and go. One of the first things you notice is how amiable the atmosphere around Camp Nou is. FC Barcelona and Sevilla supporters walk toward the stadium together. You get yourselves a couple of refreshments and then the time has arrived: you both enter magical Camp Nou. Thanks to the upgrade you got, you have two near-perfect spots right behind the goal. As the players make their way onto the pitch, you get lifted from your seats by applause and the loud cheering erupting around you. The FC Barcelona scarfs rise to the air as the club song begins. FC Barcelona dominates the match and ends in victory, thanks to goals by Messi: 3-0! Welcome points for Barça in their fight for the Spanish national title.

Day 3 – Camp Nou Experience

Before your flight back, you go on a tour of Camp Nou, The ‘Camp Nou Experience’! You were able to add this part as ‘extra’ when you put together your football trip online. After a tour of the changing rooms and all the FC Barcelona prizes on display and having stood on the ‘holy grass’, it’s all officially come to an end. Only a little while later, you are back home already thinking about your next trip: A visit to see Cristiano Ronaldo or perhaps mythical Anfield Road?

Want to make your own unforgettable football trip to Barcelona? Just put it together!