Budget friendly football weekend

Tips and information how to book a cheap football trip

Don’t worry, even with a small budget you can put together an amazing football trip to watch your favourite football club!

At the bottom of this page you will find suggestions for budget friendly football trips for the  season 2019/2020, but here you can already find tips to plan a suitable trip for yourself.

1. Check airports around your location for the cheapest rates

The flight ticket is probably the most expensive part of your football trip. You can save a lot of money on your flight ticket. Make sure you look at the ticket costs from different airports that you can travel from. It might be cheaper to fly from an airport that is a little further away than the one closest to you.

2. Choose your game tickets wisely

If you buy tickets for the second or third tier, you’ll save a fair amount of money. A ticket in the first tier or close to the field is often a lot more expensive than a ticket in the second tier. And sitting in the second tier does not mean that you have a poor view. Although you are further away from the players, you can still follow the game well from the second tier.

Allianz Arena Bayern Munich

3. Choose a cheaper hotel

There are plenty of “cheap” hotels where you can spend a night without it feeling cheap. Nowadays many of the cheaper hotels are fully equipped. In addition, a football trip usually lasts 2 or 3 days during which you will spend little time in your hotel room. If you want a cheap football trip, we advise you not to choose the most luxurious hotel but please be aware you also shouldn’t choose the cheapest one.

4. Avoid derbies and top matches

Of course it’s a dream to watch Real Madrid play against FC Barcelona. That’s why such matches are also the most expensive to attend. If you want to see your favourite club for a cheaper price, then avoid attending a derby or top match and choose tickets against a slightly lesser opponent. A match between Barcelona and Malaga is a bit cheaper and still an amazing experience.

5. Visit a mid-week match

If you don’t work fulltime or if you are still a student then a top tip is to visit a mid-week match. The tickets for matches on the weekend are more expensive than those for games held during the week. If you have the time, then it is highly recommended to go to a match during the week rather than on the weekend.

6. Find a football trip with a discount code or offer

Every month Footballtripsonline offers a number of matches with a promotional code or offer. If you book one of these matches you can easily and quickly save £50. So keep an eye on our promotion page!

7. Book a football trip outside of the regular holiday time

As soon as the holidays start, the prices for flight tickets shoot through the rood. That’s because lots of people will fly to sunny places such as Valencia and Barcelona during the holiday period. That’s why it is wise to book a football trip outside the high season.

8. Go on a football trip to a metropolis

There are a lot more flights going to cities such as Barcelona and Paris than smaller European cities. A flight ticket to Barcelona (for example) is therefore cheaper than a ticket to Turin. Therefore, it is cheaper to book a football weekend to Barcelona than it is to book one to Juventus.

Messi going for the ball

9. Make a booking on time

If you book your football trip early in the season or even before the season starts, than you usually pay a lot less. The prices of airline tickets rises as the date of the flight approaches. If you book your football trip well in advance, you will pay considerably less than if you do this last minute.

Budget Friendly Football Trips for the Season 2019/2020

You can filter the price via the “matches” site. That’s very handy because then you immediately have an overview of the match schedule.

Below you will find a selection of the matches. You can easily put together you trip so that you make it as cheap or unique as you want. Would you prefer our help? We are happy to help! You can reach us at: +443308080559.