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This is how you can keep your trip as cheap as chips:

  • Choose from a big selection of differently priced football clubs and matches.
  • Book matches with or with a flight.
  • Decide on your arrival and departure flights. This way, it’s possible to choose between differently priced tickets, airports, and (cheap) airlines – as well as flying times that suit you.
  • Choose your own seat in the stadium as the prices vary depending on the category. However, even the cheapest category will still ensure a fantastic match experience.
  • Pick your own hotel. If you don’t mind where your hotel is, you can stay at the cheapest one – with or without breakfast.
  • Don’t pay the full amount straight away. For football trips at least six weeks away, only the deposit is required. Paying in two parts makes it feel a lot cheaper!

Now see if you can create the cheapest football trip for yourself, your friends or family!