El Clasico Tickets in High Demand as New Season Draws Near

El Clasico Tickets in High Demand as New Season Draws Near

Last season proved to be one of the most exciting in recent La Liga history. Fans are already rushing to get El Clasico tickets for the next match in Barcelona. Find out what happened and why next season promises a fierce battle for the title.

Nail-biting finish

While FC Barcelona enjoyed a large lead at the top of the table for most of the season, the ending was tense. Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid hurtled towards the finish line; all three were separated by just one point in the final five weeks of the season.

In the end, Luis Enrique’s squad was able to hold off Zinedine Zidane’s Madrid squad by just one point. They lifted the trophy for the second year in a row. This dramatic climax serves as a good preview for intense competition in the upcoming year.

Other news

Lionel Messi has recovered from a back injury he suffered playing for Argentina

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Here are some other highlights that raise anticipation for the upcoming La Liga season:

  • Lionel Messi has recovered from a back injury he suffered playing for Argentina in a friendly match against Honduras. Despite the absence of Enrique Iniesta, he still helped Blaugrana secure the title against Sevilla in the 2016 Supercopa de España.
  • Los Blancos have enjoyed tremendous success in the Champions League, taking home two of the last three trophies. However, the team was unable to translate this success into the La Liga championship. They fell short of FC Barcelona by a slim margin in the last two seasons.
  • Real Madrid have won six El Clasico fixtures in the past ten years with Barca coming out on top ten times. Two games ended in a draw. Last season, the teams took one game each: FC Barcelona won 4:0 at Santiago de Bernabeu and Real Madrid won 2:1 against Camp Nou.
  • While Barca has seen a lot more success in recent years, both in terms of titles and El Clasico wins, Real Madrid, led by newly crowned Euro 2016 champion Cristiano Ronaldo, seems poised to make a serious run at the title. This could prove a tough challenge for Barca in the coming year.

Big questions

Big questions

kozumel / Flickr / CC BY-ND

Fans want to know if Zidane’s squad will be able to translate its international success into a stable and dominant performance throughout the long La Liga season. The challenge will not be easy by any means: FC Barcelona are as strong as ever and new arrivals, Samual Umtiti and André Gomes, make the team more dynamic and versatile than last year.

On top of this there are other teams who will not make the competition easy. Atletico Madrid, led by French star-striker Antoine Griezmann, seems ready for yet another strong season competing for all titles. They certainly appear to have aspirations for the La Liga crown.

Still, the most anticipated La Liga fixtures will be between classic rivals, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Once again, they’re likely to fight tooth and nail to gain an edge in the standings until the very last week of the season.

Watch the match

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