It was a dream coming true for the eigtheen-year-old Lucas van Helden: visitig a game of Liverpool with his father Arjen. During their football trip they enjoyed the atmosphere on Anfield, the match and the time spent together. It was an expierence they will never forget. “To experience this as father and son has a lot of emotional value.”

Liverpool Supporter

The game is about to start, the faces of the Liverpool fans are tensed. Then the big moment is there. The first sounds of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ come trough and 54.000 supporters sing along with the famous song. The deafening chant causes goosebumps every home game. Also for Arjen and his son Lucas, who visited the match against Southampton via Equipo Football Travel. “Lucas is a big fan of Liverpool and it was a long-held wish of him to experience a match at Anfield,” said Arjen. “I’m not as fanatic as he is, but I thought this would be a great experience to have with my son. We realized that life is short, so we have to enjoy it now. ”

And they enjoy it from the first moment. On Friday, the day before the game, the two arrive in Liverpool after a flight of an hour and a half. They spend the first evening in the hotel bar. They are sitting there as father and son, but also as two friends who are on an adventure together. They talk about football and look forward to tomorrow, when they finally see Liverpool in action at Anfield.

“The singing of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ was even more impressive than I expected. I got tears in my eyes.”
– Arjen van Helden, who went on a football trip to Liverpool with his son.

Liverpool supporters
The next morning Arjen and Lucas go to the stadium by foot. They walk through the streets of Liverpool, through Stanley Park and past the stadium of rival Everton. Suddenly, behind a street corner, Anfield appears. “This is very cool,” they say to each other. It makes Arjen happy. “This was one of those moments when we spoke to each other about how cool it is that we can do this together. That experience together has a lot of emotional value. ”

Football festival

All around the stadium people are talking and laughing while enjoying a beer. Arjen and Lucas both buy a scarf as a souvenir and mix with Liverpool fans. “There was music, good food and children playing soccer on the street. It was more like a festival than a match, a football festival actually.”

Arjen and Lucas enter the stadium an hour in advance. They want to experience everything. The crowding of the stands, the warm-up and the entrance of the players. Then the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” follows, one of the highlights of the trip. “It was even more impressive than I expected. I got tears in my eyes. I was amazed at the feeling I got. ”


Jurgen Klopp

Total experience

The game starts calmly and halfway through the score is still 0-0. “We looked at each other during the first half like: they won’t lose, will we? But it turned out well in the second half. ” Liverpool scores four times and Arjen and Lucas enjoy the football, shown by the current number one of England. “In the stadium you experience everything differently compared to watching on the television. It is a total experience with what you see, hear and feel. ”

The day after the game, Arjen and Lucas return to Anfield for the stadium tour to get even more out of their football journey. They marvel at the dressing room and the enormous trophy cabinet of the English top team. “I recommend the stadium tour to everyone. We had arranged our entrance times shortly in advance with the customer service of Football Trips Online. They gave us an excellent service. ”

Lucas’ dream has come true. Thanks to Football Trips Online, he visited a Liverpool match with his father. “It was a great trip with great memories. If I have to give a grade, it is definitely 9.5 ”, says Arjen. “It was unforgettable to watch Liverpool play. It strengthened the bond between the two of us onthe journey. As a father and son we have grown together. We will do this more often. ”