If someone had said at the beginning of the football season that Leicester City would be title contenders for the Premier League, he or she would have been declared insane. But Claudio Ranieri’s team is the surprise of the season.

The achievement by the Foxes is even more remarkable when ‘the financial disparity between the big clubs and the smaller ones is greater than ever before’ wrote Alan Shearer in The Sun. If Leicester City won, the current system would be shaken to its core. Because how can a club with a relatively low budget become champions of England? While heavily-backed clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea would be left in their wake?

Some clubs that also performed ‘the impossible’:

1. Blackburn Rovers, champions of England in 1995.

Player of the season: Alan Shearer

2. FC Kaiserslautern, champions of Germany in 1998.

Player of the season: Micheal Ballack

3. Montpellier, champions of France in 2012.

Player of the season: Olivier Giroud.