The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has everything a stadium needs: the most modern facilities, attention to the history of the club and a place for the fans to create a great atmosphere. In the ‘Stadium of the week’ we start with the newest football temple of England.

After 118 years in White Hart Lane, Tottenham Hotspur has moved to a new stadium. Well, moved … the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is on the same ground as the old stadium. The club played its first game here in April 2019, eleven years after plans for a new stadium were announced. Son Heung-min scored the first official goal against Crystal Palace.

“The first time I walked onto the field I got goosebumps from the fans’ singing.
It was incredible, so beautiful. “

– Son Heung-min, attacker of Tottenham, after the first game in the new stadium.

Tottenham-Hotspur- Stadium

State of the art: all facilities are available

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is pure state of the art and fully equipped. The players have their own restaurant, lounge, childcare and swimming pool. For fans, there are 65 food and beverage stalls, a bakery, a brewery, and a new tap system that can serve 10.000 pints per minute. The Goal Line bar is the longest bar in Europe at 65 meters.

There are two Sky Lounges on the highest floors and the Skywalk, forty meters above the field, offers a beautiful view of London. You can even abseil down here. Inside the arena a screen of 325 square meters is installed, the largest screens in stadiums in Europe. In total there are almost 1800 video screens in the stadium.

The total cost for all this? 1.16 billion euros. This makes Tottenham Hotspur Stadium the most expensive stadium in Europe.

New Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The Wall of Sound: inspired by Borussia Dortmund

Of the 62,062 spectators, some are no further than five meters from the back line. As close to the field as it should be in an English stadium. Behind the goal is an imposing 34-meter high stand, the largest in Britain with space for 17,500 supporters. The Wall of Sound, as this stand is called, is inspired by the Gelbe Wand of Borussia Dortmund and forms the heartbeat of the stadium. Tottenham has looked at the acoustics in concert halls during the design, so that the fans can make maximum noise and create the best atmosphere.

Wall of Sound Tottenham Hotspur

Statue damaged by bullets from Gascoigne

A piece of history of the old White Hart Lane has been taken into the new stadium. Materials and cement from the old home have been reused and bricks from the stands have been incorporated into a bar. The most special surviving relic is on top of the South Stand: a 4.5-meter statue of a rooster. The rooster symbolizes Tottenham Hotspur because the club’s founder, Henry Percy, loved cockfighting. His nickname was Henry “Hotspur”, which means frenzied.

Statue Tottenham

The statue is a replica of the rooster that had been on the roof of White Hart Lane since 1909. But this replica also has a nice story. There are small damages on the statue, which would have been created during the Second World War. This story was debunked when someone testified that he had seen Paul Gascoigne, Spurs’ legendary midfielder, both mad and genius, shoot the statue with an air rifle.

Large stadium, but intimate atmosphere

Where a new stadium often brings up mixed reactions and feelings of nostalgia, Spurs fans are very satisfied with their new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which may later receive a sponsor name. The club has remained loyal to the district and its history and has combined this with a modern match experience. The facilities and comfort live up to the expectations you have for a stadium from the 21st century. Despite the size of the whole, the architects of the stadium have created an intimate football atmosphere for Tottenham supporters and enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy for decades.

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