With the weekend of international matches already coming into view, this is a good opportunity to make up the balance within the 5 largest national competitions. Who are going to be this season’s champions? Which top teams are still in the running? And what’s happening in the trophy competitions? You’ll find the answers to those questions right here in this blog, for the German, English, French, Italian and Spanish competitions.

As it stands in the Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A and La Liga

1. Germany – Bundesliga

Bundesliga table

Bundesliga table

Championship, European football and relegation Bundesliga

Bayern München is well on its way to its sixth consecutive title. If Schalke 04 loses to Freiburg on March 31st, and Bayern beats Dortmund, then Hollywood FC will be champion again. At the very bottom, HSV and FC Köln are almost certain of relegation. Wolfsburg and Mainz are still slugging it out as to who will be in the play-offs against the number 3 of the 2. Bundesliga. For the positions in European football, still anything can happen, however, as the difference between the numbers 2 and 6 are only 6 points. The DFB Pokal half finals will be played on April 17 and 18 between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern München, and between Schalke 04 and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Remaining top matches Bundesliga

March 31st: Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund
April 14th: Bayer Leverkusen – Eintracht Frankfurt
April 15th: Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund
April 21st: Borussia Dortmund – Bayer Leverkusen
April 28th: Bayern Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt
May 12th: Schalke 04 – Eintracht Frankfurt

2. England – Premier League

Premier League table
Premier League table

Championship, European football and relegation Premier League
Also in England one thing is for sure: Manchester City will be champion. If, that is, Manchester United doesn’t squander any points, then yes, the Citizens could well be champions on April the 7th. Interesting little detail, though: City plays at home against United…. For European football, it looks like Arsenal will have to settle for Europa League, while United, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea will still have to fight it out as to who slides directly into the Champions League. At the bottom it’s a real nail biter; the difference between Brighton, the number 12, and Stoke City, the number 19, is only 7 points. For West Brom it looks to be over and out. In the Half Finals of the FA Cup are Southampton, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are still in the running for the Cup.

Remaining top matches Premier League

April 1st: Chelsea – Tottenham Hotspur
April 7th: Manchester City – Manchester United
April 14th: Tottenham Hotspur – Manchester City
April 29th: Manchester United – Arsenal

3. France – Ligue 1

Ligue 1 table
Ligue 1 table

Championship, European football and relegation Ligue 1
As opposed to last year, Paris Saint-Germain has left AS Monaco far behind, with an almost unsurmountable 14 point lead. Even if AS Monaco continues to win everything from this point on, but loses to PSG on April the 15th, the Parisians will still be champions. At the bottom it is still the question of who will take the 18th and 19th spot. It is almost certain Metz will end up in the last place. Monaco, Marseille and Lyon are all as good as certain of their favourable end Ligue 1 position for European football. Facing Caen and Les Herbiers and Chambly, as possible opponents, PSG is also just about guaranteed to take the Coupe de France.

Remaining top matches Ligue 1

April 15th: Paris Saint-Germain – AS Monaco

4. Italy – Serie A

Serie A table

Serie A table

Championship, European football and relegation Serie A

Juventus (with a slight advantage) and Napoli battle for the Italian championship. At the bottom of the competition, Benevento’s chance to not relegate is only theoretical. It is up to Chievo, Crotone, SPAL and Hellas Verona to decide who else will end up in the relegation seat. It will be up to AS Roma, Lazio, Inter and AC Milan which 2 clubs will play the Champions League group stage directly. Juventus and AC Milan play the finals of the Coppa Italia on May the 9th.

Remaining top matches Serie A

March 31st: Juventus – AC Milan
April 15th: Lazio Roma – AS Roma
April 15th: AC Milan – Napoli
April 28th: Inter – Juventus
May 12th: AS Roma – Juventus
May 19th: Lazio Roma – Inter Milan

5. Spain – Primera División

Primera División table

Primera División table

Championship, European football and relegation Primera División

Should not be much of a surprise FC Barcelona is at the top of the Spanish competition yet again. And they are just about certain to be champions. With an 11 point lead against arch-rivals, Real Madrid, they should be able to grab the title. For Málaga on the other hand, relegation is almost inevitable. Levante, Las Palmas and Clarance Seedorf’s Deportivo still battle for the safe spot 17. Europa League 5 and 6 are the only European football spots still up for grabs, and Sevilla, Villarreal, Girona and Real Betis are slugging it out for those. The finals in the Copa del Rey will be between Sevilla FC and FC Barcelona.

Remaining top matches Primera División

March 31st: Sevilla – FC Barcelona
April 7th: Real Madrid – Atlético Madrid
April 14th: FC Barcelona – Valencia
April 14th: Sevilla – Villarreal
May 5th: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid
May 8th: FC Barcelona – Villarreal
May 8th: Sevilla – Real Madrid
May 12th: Real Betis – Sevilla