7 tips to get your share of football during the corona crisis

What to do without football? Now that all European matches have been canceled due to the corona virus, millions of football fans are left without their favorite hobby. How long will there be no football to watch? And what do we have to do now to get our share of football? Football Travel Online gives 7 tips to get through this period.

1.   Join the #StayAtHomeChallenge

The last few days, various challenges have started on social media. Marcelo of Real Madrid was one of first players to participate in the challenge to do keepy-uppies with a toilet-roll as long as possible. After washing his hands (very important!), He managed to do this 11 times. How many times can you keep it up? Quickly run to the store for the last toilet roll and share your video with the hashtag #StayAtHomeChallenge.

2. Rewind historical matches of your favorite club

Watching live football on television or from the stadium is of course the most beautiful thing, but since this is not possible anymore, we must rely on footage from the past. Fortunately, there is enough online. You can rewind old matches via websites such as Footballia.net. Look into the archive of your favorite club and choose a historical duel to watch. What do you think of the spectacular Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool in 2005 or Barcelona’s La Remontada against Paris Saint-Germain in 2017?

 3. Enjoy the best actions of Ronaldinho

It is one of our favorite activities when we are not working: hanging out on the couch and enjoying the compilations of football players on YouTube. The skills of ball magicians such as Ronaldinho never get boring and current top players such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also have plenty of footage with beautiful actions and goals. Before you realize you will be on YouTube for hours and you have filled your day with football once again.

4. Learn from football documentaries

A large database of football documentaries can be found on Netflix. Docs that are recieved well, for example, are those about Sunderland and Juventus, in which you get a behind-the-scenes look at these clubs. In “Sunderland Til I Die” you get a picture of the downside of football in England. The Sunderland club is followed for one season during their fight to return to the Premier League. The fans are angry, the money is gone and the pressure is high. An ideal cocktail for a series about a football club.

Other recommendations include “Barça Dreams”, about FC Barcelona, ​​and “El Corazon de Sergio Ramos” (“The heart of Sergio Ramos”) on Amazon Prime, about the life of the defender of Real Madrid.


FIFA’s servers will be heavily used in the coming weeks. Sitting at home allows gamers to make more ours behind the screen, as games in FIFA are never canceled. Luckily, there is no chance of getting infected with the coronavirus, because you can play online and challenge your friends on distance. Be careful when passing the controller on to others. Disinfect properly first!

If you prefer to manage a club, Football Manager is the ideal game for you. Here you can work in great detail and lead your club to success with good purchases and the right tactics. For example, play in the Premier League and see if you can make Liverpool champion earlier than Jürgen Klopp.


6. Lees voetbalboeken

When you’ve gotten square eyes from watchting screens to see football and play FIFA, you can still get your daily dose of football by reading books and magazines. Magazines such as FourFourTwo and World Soccer will be published despite the corona virus and you can also pick from a large list of football books.

Read ‘Europe United’, written by Matt Walker about his quest to watch a match in each of UEFA’s 55 nations, all in one season. Or get into Football Leaks by reading the book of Rafael Buschmann and Michael Wulzinger. Our third recommendation is ‘Natural: The Jimmy Greaves Story’ by David Tossell.

7. Think about your next football trip

Unfortunately you cannot visit any matches for the time being, but the stadiums in Madrid, Munich and Milan will open again at some point. If so, we are happy to help you to fully experience football again. So also think about the destination of your next football trip. When the beautifull game is starting agian, we make sure you are there.