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Football Trips FC Barcelona | Incl. Tickets, Hotel & Flight

Are you planning to go for a football trip soon and is FC Barcelona on your mind?
Start reading! In this travel guide you can find everything you want to know about your football trip to FC Barcelona: tips, information and great stories of travellers who have already been to the Camp Nou.

Information on this page

1. Information and facts about FC Barcelona

2. Information and tips you should know for your visit to the Camp Nou

3. Tips for your visit to the city of Barcelona

4. Experiences and stories of football fans about their trip to FC Barcelona

5. Tips about your accommodation, flights to Barcelona plus some information about tickets for your football trip to FC Barcelona.

1. Information and facts about FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona is a Catalan football club from the city of Barcelona. The shirt of the club consists of the colours purple (garnet red) and blue. The stadium of FC Barcelona is the Camp Nou (which means literally “new field’), with a capacity of 99,354 one of the biggest stadiums in the world.
The biggest rival is Real Madrid, the club that symbolized the strict regime of Franco in Spain.
Matches between FC Barcelona and Real are also called ” El Clásico ” (free translation ‘the classic’). The nickname of FC Barcelona is Barça.

1.1. History of FC Barcelona
On November 29, 1899 FC Barcelona was founded by Swiss Johan Gamper. Therefore, in the early years of the club, many Swiss and also English players played in the first team. The first prizes FC Barcelona won were in the twentieth century. Due to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime, it wasn’t until the 1950s that large prizes were won again. Losing the European Cup I final in 1961 meant that this successful period came to an end. The seventies brought Barcelona new success. They won, together with the Dutch Rinus Michels, Johan Neeskens and Johan Cruyff the national title of 1975.

However, as manager Johan Cruijff provided the most successful period of Barça ever. No less than four national titles and the European Cup I were won. In the 21st century Barcelona happily continued winning; multiple national titles, cups and Champions Leagues ended up in their trophy cabinet. Partly due to the Argentinian player Lionel Messi, currently the best player in the world.

1.2 Supporters
In total, FC Barcelona has 1337 official fan clubs in the world. These can be subdivided into 35 geographical zones; the city of Barcelona itself (1-2), Catalonia (3-17), Spain (18-33) and the whole world (34). The most fanatic supporters group is the Boixos Nois, which in Catalan means something like ‘crazy guys’.

1.3 Current squad
In the current squad of FC Barcelona there are some of the world’s best football players: Rakitić, Suárez and not to mention Lionel Messi. The current squad looks like this:
1. Marc-André ter Stegen
2. Nélson Semedo
3. Gerard Piqué
4. Ivan Rakitić
5. Sergio Busquets
6. Denis Suárez
7. Philippe Coutinho
8. Arthur
9. Luis Suárez
10. Lionel Messi
11. Ousmane Dembélé
12. Rafinha
13. Jasper Cillessen
14. Malcom
15. Clément Lenglet
16. Sergi Samper
18. Jordi Alba
19. Munir El Haddadi
20. Sergi Roberto
22. Arturo Vidal
23. Samuel Umtiti
24. Thomas Vermaelen
26. Carles Aleñá

2. Information and tips you should know for your visit to the Camp Nou
Since 1957, FC Barcelona has played continuously in the Camp Nou. The stadium offers 99,354 spectators the chance to see the beautiful attacking play of Barça.

2.1 History
The construction of the Camp Nou started on 28 March 1954, because the old stadium, Camp de Les Corst, had no space for further expansion. Originally the line of thought was to use the name ‘Estadi del FC Barcelona’, but the more popular name ‘Camp Nou’ was more used among fans.

The Camp Nou was the venue for hosting two European finals, in 1989 and 1999. For the 1982 World Cup, five games were played at the Camp Nou. The football final of the 1992 Olympic Games also took place in the stadium of FC Barcelona.

2.2 Tips for reaching Camp Nou
The Camp Nou is easily accessible from different parts of the city. There are trams, subways and buses that stop at stations near the stadium.

• Trams: Avinguda de Xile station (line T1, T2 and T3) is 500 meters from the Camp Nou;

• Subways: The nearest stations are Palau Reial, Maria Cristina and Les Corts for L3, Badal for L5 and Collblanc for L5 and L9;

• Buses: Many buses stop near the Camp Nou. TMB lines 7, 15, 33, 43, 50, 54, 59, 63, 67, 70, 72, 74, 75, 78, 113 and D20. AMB line L12 and Nitbus lines N2, N3, N12 and N14.
The prices for public transport are very cheap. You pay € 2.00 for a single ticket and € 10 for a ten-day ticket.

2.3 How many seating categories does the Camp Nou have?
There are 7 categories in the stadium. Match tickets for the cheapest category, category 7, are included as standard at the starting price. However, for only 30 euros per ticket extra, you’re in better and nicer places in the short side area of the stadium. For 80 euros per ticket extra, you even have seats on the long side of the stadium and you can almost touch Messi!

2.4 How do I enter Camp Nou?
Camp Nou has 21 entrances to enter the stadium park. In your instruction letter or ticket you’ll always find which entrance you exactly need to be to enter the stadium. In your instruction letter or ticket you can also find the right gate to your seats.
Are you doubting? Equipo Football trips is available every day by phone from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and during the weekend if there are any problems we make use of an emergency number.

2.5 Can I eat and drink in the Camp Nou?
You’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the stadium. However, you can’t, like in other stadiums, bring things, such as glass or canned food. If you want to bring drinks to the stadium you can bring bottles of no more than 500 ml, but only without a cap.

Of course, you can also buy something to eat and drink in the stadium, but it isn’t recommended. The queues can be very long before the match and during the half time break. Our advice is to eat something outside of the Camp Nou, so you won’t miss the game!

2.6 How is the atmosphere at the Camp Nou?
The atmosphere during the matches really depends on the opponent. Against the slightly less appealing opponents the atmosphere isn’t spectacular, but against Real Madrid or Champions League teams for example the atmosphere is often very good. The fans of Barcelona are known for their beautiful choreos (keeping up sheets of coloured paper). In the video below, you can see a great example of this colourful show.

2.7 Where can I go for a drink around the stadium?
As in most European football stadiums, FC Barcelona isn’t allowed to buy alcohol and drinks in the stadium.

Lovers of a good pint can go to the neighbourhood of Camp Nou or to the city-centre. But where can you get the best beers in town?
Our top 3 bars and pubs near Camp Nou:
1. Kitty O’Shea’s

2. Pub Lunatic

3. Tapes 24 Camp Nou

3. Tips for your visit to the city of Barcelona
Barcelona is after Madrid the largest city in Spain with 5 million inhabitants. It’s the capital and largest city of Catalonia. It’s a popular destination among Dutch and foreign tourists. Every year, an insane number of 8 million tourists are visiting the city. Barcelona is the perfect city for lovers of shopping, beautiful sights, great food, perfect weather and the beach life.

3.1 What is the best time of the year to travel to Barcelona?
Barcelona has a southern European climate, which means that the summers are very warm and the winters are relatively mild. The hottest month of the year is August: temperatures can rise to 34 degrees. The best time to visit Barcelona is in Autumn (October, November) or Spring (March, April, May).




Average Temperature CAverage Temperature F























3.2 Which sights should I definitely visit during my stay in Barcelona?
Barcelona is a beautiful city with plenty things to see. We’ve made a list with 5 sights you need to visit during your stay.

• Sagrada Familia: From 1882 up until today this church is continuously under construction. It was originally designed by Gaudí, who has created more beautiful pieces of art in Barcelona.
Tip: Avoid long queues and buy your tickets in advance via Ticketbar.

• Casa Milà: A building with apartments, designed by Gaudí. From a certain point of view the building seems like a whole. In the building are frescoes, reliefs and two inner courtyards.

• Park Güell: A city park in the district of Gràcia, created by Gaudí on behalf of Güell. It’s the green heart of the city and it has a large number of trees, avenues and squares.

• Mercat de la Boqueria: Loosely translated to a ‘market place where you can buy goat meat. It’s the largest and most beautiful market place in Spain where you also can buy, besides the goat meat, fresh and natural food.

• La Rambla: A shopping street where there is always something going on. The street runs from Plaça de Catalunya to the port of Port Vell.

3.3 Where can I eat the best food in Barcelona?
Catalan, Spanish, tapas, vegetarian, Italian, French, Asian, burgers or Latin American? In Barcelona you can find plenty of different types of restaurants. We explain the top 5 here:

• Niño Viejo and Hoja Santa: one building, two Mexican restaurants. Recommended: the ceviche with cactus, tomatoes and cheese.
Address: Avenida Mistral 54, Barcelona

• El Nacional: A hall full of restaurants like fish restaurants and restaurants where they offer plenty of meat dishes.
Address: Passeig de Gràcia 24, Barcelona

• Flax & Kale: If you are a fan of healthy flexitarian food, then this restaurant is suited for you. All dishes on the menu are 80% vegetable and 20% fish.
Address: Carrer Tallers 74b, Barcelona
• Toto: Italian restaurant where even Bono from U2 sometimes dine. Everything on the menu is actually just as good!
Address: Carrer Valencia 246, Barcelona

• Federal Café: A brunch cafe in the Sant Antoni district. Recommended is a green smoothie with a nice fried egg or a delicious sandwich.
Address: Carrer Parlament 39, Passatge de la Pau 11, Barcelona

3.4 Which tours should I participate in during my visit to Barcelona?
There are also various organized tours in Barcelona. Our top 3 tours are:

• Stadium Tour Camp Nou: It gives you a glimpse behind the scenes in the stadium of Barcelona. You will see the changing rooms, the players’ tunnel, the press rooms and many other places!
• Barcelona hop-on hop-off tour: It’s an easy way to experience Barcelona at your own pace in one or two days. The buses follow two routes, but these are connected to each other, so you can easily switch to the other route.

• Bike tour through Barcelona: English speaking guides will show you the sights of Barcelona by bike. It’s ideal if you want to explore the city in an active mode.
Tip: These tours can also be added to your football trip to FC Barcelona.
3.5 Which airports are there in Barcelona and how do I reach the city centre?
The largest and most important airport in Barcelona is El Prat de Lobregat. This airport is located at a distance of 17 kilometres from the centre of Barcelona. There are five ways to travel from the airport to the city:

• Aerobus: This is the fastest way. In Barcelona the bus stops at different locations: Plaça d’Espanya, Urgell, Plaça Catalunya and Plaça Universitat.

• Metro: Since the beginning of 2016 it’s also possible to travel to the city by metro. But be aware: L9 brings you to the city, but not to the centre, so you have to switch.
• Train: This is only an option when you arrive at Terminal 2 and you need to go to Passeig de Gràcia or Sants Estació.
• Taxi: Taking a taxi is, in comparison with the Netherlands, a lot cheaper and therefore a good option to bring you to your hotel quickly and without worries.
• Bus: City bus 46 goes to the airport, but this bus takes a lot longer than the aerobus.
Flying from the airports Girona or Reus isn’t recommended because they are located at a greater distance from Barcelona.
4. Experiences and stories of football fans about their trip to FC Barcelona
Equipo Voetbalreizen has been the specialist in offering football trips for more than 15 years already. In all these years we have been able to fulfil the dreams of a lot of football fans with a football trip to FC Barcelona.

In this part of the travel guide/chapter you will find experiences of other football fans who have made already a football trip to FC Barcelona.

4.1 Photos of football trips to FC Barcelona
These photos show how your football trip to FC Barcelona can look like!
The family Keith: ” Beautiful seats which were close to the pitch, we almost touched Messi ”

Father and son Taylor: ” We had a great father-son weekend and the FC Barcelona experience is highly recommended! ”

Stones: ” Every year we’re planning to go for a weekend trip with our group of friends and this year we decided to go for a football trip to FC Barcelona. We certainly don’t regret this! ”

Family Martin attended a Champions League match of FC Barcelona: “The whole football trip was taken care of down to the last detail but the beautiful places in Camp were the absolute highlight! ”

Family Hes: ” Our son really enjoyed the football trip to FC Barcelona ”

Sten Jones visited with his football friends a game of FC Barcelona ” We had a great time in Barcelona and in the stadium we had seats next to each other which was great! ”

Family Brown were in the Camp Nou when FC Barcelona became champions ” It’s always great to experience these kind of games when history is made. Equipo also took great care of our trip! ”

Family King: ” In the stadium we had great long side seats, so we really enjoyed the game! ” Father and son Koster present in the Camp Nou: ” The great weather, the game and the perfect organization from Equipo voetbal, made this a wonderful football weekend! ”

Father and daughter Williams ” Lovely places in the corner of the lower tier, my father and I really enjoyed it! ‘

Father and sons Johnsen: ” The organization was great and my sons enjoyed the championship of Barcelona. What else can you wish for?

4.2 How do football fans rate our football trips to FC Barcelona?

5. Tips about your accommodation, flights to Barcelona plus some information about tickets for your football trip to FC Barcelona.
In this chapter you can read about the best and most convenient hotels in the city, the cheapest flights to take and from which airport plus the best seats to buy in the Camp Nou.

5.1 Which hotel should I stay while visiting Barcelona?
Our top 3 consists of a cheap hotel with good quality, a hotel near the stadium and a hotel with a good location in the centre.

1. BCN Urban Hotels Bonavista (okay for little money)

Distance to the stadium: 3,72 km
Distance to the stadium: 1,40 km

BCN Urban Bonavista is a budget hotel located in the lively Gràcia district of Barcelona, 200 meters from Diagonal Metro Station. Sights such as the Parc Güell and the Ramblas are both just 3 stops (by metro) away.

2. Atenea Barcelona Aparthotel

Distance to the stadium: 0,88 km
Distance to the stadium:: 3,46 km

Large, modern 4-star hotel in Les Corts, a lively area in the west of the city centre. By bus it takes you 6 minutes to reach the Camp Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona. The Les Corts metro station is within walking distance. The centre is easy to reach by bus and metro.

3. HCC Taber

We automatically generate prices for the hotels through different tour operators we cooperate with. With us you don’t pay extra for your overnight stay.

HCC Open (close to Placa Espanya)

Abba Garden (within walking distance of Camp Nou)

HCC Montblanc (around the corner of Placa Catalunya)

5.2 What are the cheapest flights to Barcelona and from which Airport?
In the basic package of your football trip to Barcelona you always find the most advantageous flight. The airlines change their prices daily or monthly, which is why we can’t tell you the exact prices of the flights.

The most advantageous flight paths to Barcelona are:

1. Brussels Charleroi – Barcelona (RyanAir)

2. Brussels Zaventem – Barcelona (RyanAir)

3. Amsterdam – Barcelona (Vueling)

5.3 Which seats are the best in Camp Nou?
In section 2.3 we discussed the different categories. But, which seats are the best if you talk about price and section?

1. Category 7: It’s the cheapest ticket you can buy but it’s quite far from the pitch

2. Category 5: Short side second tier/upper tier but good view of the pitch

3. Category 2: Long Side, lower tier in the corner of the stadium. You can almost touch Messi!

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