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Compose your football trips to Hertha BSC incl. Flight, hotel & tickets

Experience the Bundesliga with a football trip to watch Hertha BSC and taste the atmosphere of the club with a multifaceted history.

‘Hertha’ stems from the name of the steamship one of the four young founders of the club had taken on a day trip with his father. Even the club colours of blue and white were inspired by those on the steamship’s funnel.

In 1905, Hertha BSC won the first Berlin Championship Final and played at the top of the game throughout the 1920s and 30s. They reached six championship finals from 1926 to 1931, winning the title in 1930 and 1931.

When the Berlin wall went up in 1961, it became difficult for Hertha BSC to attract players to the city. And in 2010, the Berliners were relegated from the first division. But just three years later, Hertha BSC was promoted to the Bundesliga for the sixth time in their club history.

Book a football package incl. Tickets to watch Hertha BSC play and you’re bound to experience a hard-fought match!

The city Berlin

If you go on a football trip to Berlin you’ll be travelling to one of Europe’s most popular destinations. After the fall of the wall, the city underwent an unprecedented development, once more becoming the creative capital it had always been. And thanks to a new generation of artistic and dynamic Berliners, it’s currently one of the hippest cities in Europe.

Taste the atmosphere of a city which has a nightlife par excellence. In fact, its clubs and hotspots alone are reason enough to visit Berlin.

Unique to Berlin is its liberal alcohol policy. Buying beer and drinking it on the street is no problem! In fact, many young people drink this way before they go out. It’s this relaxed atmosphere that makes Berlin an especially great destination for a football trip.

The Olympiastadium

Experience first-class soccer at a historic ground with a football trip to Olympiastadion in Berlin. Originally built for the 1936 Summer Olympics, it’s located in the southern part of the Olympiapark Berlin. It’s remarkable for its stunning architectural feature: half of it is buried 12 metres below ground with just the top part visible.

For the World Cup, Olympiastadion is partly covered, with additional rows added further down so you’re practically on the pitch! For a fan, it really is an unbeatable experience to sit on the extra rows in this legendary stadium – and be able to smell the grass!
Book a football break to Olympiastadion now and grab one of the 75,000 seats before they go!

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