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Football Trips Real Madrid | Incl. Tickets, Hotel & Flights

Experience football as it can only be experienced in Spain with a football trip to see the mighty Real Madrid. You’ll be in awe at the quality of play by this world-famous Spanish club. And you’ll be able to see the results for yourself of the uncompromising assault by the famous Galáctico side of 2000-2006, when David Beckham, Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane played for the team.

Only the best is good enough for Real Madrid which is why the club lures the finest players from all over the world to Estadio Santiago Bernabéu stadium. That alone makes a trip to Real Madrid world event for any football fan enthusiast.

It’s not for nothing that Real Madrid was named the best football club of the 20th century by FIFA. And when they play FC Barcelona (a battle known as El Clásico) the whole world holds its breath. It’s probably the most intense game held between top clubs in Europe. Any game played by Real Madrid is an absolute must for true fans – book a football package now!

Real Madrid has many more star in their ranks, such as World Cup winner Toni Kroos and the most expensive purchase of all time – Gareth Bale. It’s a real pleasure to see these great players in action. Book your football trip to Real Madrid and follow the game from inside the stadium itself! Compose your football trip to Real Madrid inclusive tickets, hotel stay & flights

The city Madrid

Get an idea of authentic Spanish life with a football trip to Madrid. You’ll notice how the capital bustles day and night with people enjoying the many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In fact, the streets are filled seven days a week.
The busiest place in the vibrant heart of Madrid is its main square, Puerta del Sol – Spanish for ‘Gate of the Sun’. All the city has to offer is what makes any football package to Madrid a wonderful mini-holiday.

Madrid has just over 3 million inhabitants and at 660 metres is the highest town in Europe. Its magnificent historic buildings bear witness to its rich history; the culture here is colourful and exuberant; and the shopping a treat. Spain’s celebrated culinary life positively flourishes in the numerous tapas restaurants, gastropubs and terraces.

The city of Madrid, which is also the capital of Spain, is often overshadowed by Barcelona. This is rather unfair because Madrid is a stunning city with its art museums, beautiful squares, statuesque fountains and vibrant nightlife.

There are also plenty of reasons why tourists book a weekend in Madrid to taste the Spanish culture. One such tourist attraction is the iconic Plaza de la Cibeles – one of the most beautiful squares in Madrid. It gets its name from La Cibeles fountain which is bang in the middle and features a huge statue of the Roman goddess Cybele sitting in a chariot pulled by two lions.

As well as this iconic square, Madrid also has a wonderful green oasis called ‘Parque del Buen Retiro’, Madrid’s biggest city park. Buen Retiro means ‘Pleasant Retreat’ and this certainly applies to this park! Street musicians, fortune tellers and portrait artists entertain the audience in their droves.

Madrid’s Royal Palace was built in the early 18th century on the order of Philip V. It has 2,800 rooms but not enough room for the royal family it seems: they haven’t lived here since 1931! The current king and queen actually live in one of Madrid’s suburbs. The Royal Palace, however, is still used for official functions and also offers guided tours. Don’t worry: you won’t have to visit all 2,800 rooms! But you will see the most impressive bits.

Book your football trip to Real Madrid and enjoy all the many attractions Madrid has to offer!

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Experience a veritable ‘soccer temple’ with a football trip to Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid. It’s the third-largest stadium in the world after Camp Nou (Barcelona) and Wembley (London). And because the all-seater stadium holds just over 81,000 spectators, it always guarantees an exceptional atmosphere.

At least once in their life, any true football fan will go on a pilgrimage to see Real Madrid perform their brilliant game at one of the world’s most prestigious football stadiums, Santiago Bernabéu.

Take the stadium tour at Real Madrid to be guaranteed a truly exceptional experience. You’ll be able to go to places that are normally off-limits, such as the press room and dressing room. And you can even step on the hallowed turf of the all-seater Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Once on the pitch, you can simply enjoy sitting in the place where Carlo Ancelotti parks himself for every home game.

Finally, you’ll pass Real Madrid’s bulging trophy cabinet where every single prize occupies a special place. And that’s a lot of prizes! Real Madrid is the most frequent champion in the history of La Liga.

Book your football trip to Real Madrid and make your football trip even better with a stadium tour through Real Madrid’s famous Estadio Santiago Bernabéu!

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