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Compose your football trips to SS Lazio and experience a match in Olympic Stadium Rome

Experience the oldest Roman soccer team – SS Lazio – with a football trip to Italy’s capital city. The legendary club was founded in 1900 by nine friends and it’s sky-blue and white strip is an homage to the origins of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. It’s also these colours that have resulted in the clubs nickname: I biancocelesti (White-Sky Blues).Enjoy watching SS Lazio at work in Stadio Olimpico.

The city Rome

Experience the atmosphere of ‘The Eternal City’ for yourself with a football trip to Rome. Marvel at the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Pantheon and Colosseum. Explore the birthplace of Baroque and immerse yourself in the rich past of a city whose historic centre is a World Heritage Site. And of course, enjoy the wonderful variety of authentic Italian cuisine on offer.

Thanks to its compact historic centre, all the sights are close together. And you can always take a break from being a tourist with an espresso or cappuccino on one of the many charming squares. Or you can venture to the Prati, Ripa and Testaccio districts where you’ll encounter the ‘real’ Rome and authentic Romans. Enjoy your football package to Rome – it truly is an amazing city!

What can’t you do in the bustling city of Rome? This beautiful city has squares, churches, museums and other historical attractions. What do you think of the magnificent Colosseum, for instance? This is one of the most impressive buildings in the ancient city. The largest amphitheatre ever built in the Roman Empire, it held over 70,000 spectators – all of whom could enjoy the many battles the gladiators fought against each other!

Vatican City is actually a state within the city of Rome. However, you can enter without a passport as it’s carefully guarded by members of the expertly-trained Swiss Guard. Have you always wanted to visit this tiny little state where the Roman Catholic Church is headquartered? Rome has so much more to offer than just football!

You can also relax with a cappuccino or an authentic Italian pizza on one of the city’s many squares and fountains: the Trevi Fountain on the Piazza di Trevi square is a must! This famous 26-metre-high fountain – the backdrop to many films – was commissioned by Pope Clement XII. In Rome, it was customary to erect a monument at each water source. Trevi got its name from ‘Tre via’ meaning ‘Three roads’ as three roads once met on this square. Would you like to taste some culture during your football trip? Then book your football trip to Rome and enjoy all the historic attractions that Rome has to offer!

Olympic Stadium Rome

Enjoy top-notch soccer in one of the most popular arenas in Europe with a football trip to Stadio Olimpico in Rome. ‘Olympic Stadium’ seats around 70,000 fans and was built between 1928 and 1937 within the Foro Otalico sports complex, north of the city.

Stadio Olimpico, which SS Lazio currently share with AS Roma, has also hosted four UEFA Champions League finals. Don’t hesitate to book a football package which includes watching SS Lazio play in Stadio Olimpico.

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