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Compose your football trips to SCC Napoli and experience a match in Stadio San Paolo

Be part of the legend with a football trip to watch SSC Napoli in Naples. Every fan knows how incredibly well this Italian club performed in the 1980s when Argentine star player Diego Maradona helped the team twice win the national championship – plus the UEFA Cup and the Coppa Italia. It’s also no secret that SSC Napoli isn’t the same club today.
Founded in 1926, the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, as it’s officially known, positively nose-dived in 2004 when the club went bankrupt. However it was revived by Italian film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis and in just three years had returned to the upper echelons of football: Serie A.

After their promotion to Serie A, it’s impossible to imagine Italian football today without SSC Napoli ; they also regularly seize victory at a European level.

Book a football package to watch SSC Napoli and enjoy top-notch Italian football.

The city Naples

Experience top football in the city that you simply must visit on a football trip to Naples. The saying See Naples and die isn’t without substance. This characterful city has a rich history, art and culture, world-renowned gastronomy and even its own dialect.

Four funiculairi (cable cars) connect the city centre with the hill districts and are an absolute must for enjoying spectacular views from the Capodimonte hill. You can also visit the 17th-century Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace of Milan), the 13th-century Castel Nuovo (New Castle) with its huge round turrets, and the old town of Santa Lucia.

Stadio San Paolo

Experience the splendour of Naples in a football trip to Stadio San Paolo – the third largest stadium of its kind in Italy and the home ground of SSC Napoli.

The stadium is inextricably linked to the heyday of Napoli led by Diego Maradona – but also the 1990 World Cup semi-final between Italy and Argentina, featuring the same star player. An intriguing match, ended 1-1 after an extra time but was won by Argentina after Maradona scored the winning penalty.

Built in 1948, the stadium underwent extensive renovations in 1989 for the aforementioned 1990 World Cup and has just over 60,000 seats. Experience world-class soccer on a football package to Stadio San Paolo in Naples.

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