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Our Seating Guarantee ensures groups of up to 3 people will always sit together.

Naturally, when you go to a football match it’s important to sit with your friends or family so you can all enjoy the experience together. That’s why we guarantee that you will be allocated adjacent seats for groups of up to 3 people in the stadium. If for any reason we are unable to honour our Seating Guarantee, we will refund you the full match ticket price for any single seats.

When it comes to groups of more than 3 people, we also do our very best to seat you all together. If this isn’t possible, we divide your travel party into smaller groups – again guaranteeing that no-one will be sitting on their own.

How does the Seating Guarantee work?

  • It guarantees that you and your fellow travellers will all sit together in the stadium. In most cases, your seats will be next to each other but on rare occasions it may be that the seats are either behind or in front of each other. If this happens for groups of up to 3 people – you find you’re not all seated together – we will refund the full match ticket price for any single seat.
  • If you arrive at the stadium and find that you’re not seated together with your friends or family, call our emergency number immediately.
  • Upon your return, send us an email via with your booking reference, plus a copy of the relevant match ticket and a short explanation of the seating situation.

You will be refunded for the single seat(s) within 7 days.

Petra - support
Petra - support
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