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Football Trips to Italy – Serie A Games

A football trip to Italy includes high class football and delicious food. The Serie A, the birthplace of the Italian Catenaccio football always guarantees exciting matches. With famous teams such as AC Milan, AS Rome and Juventus, an exciting match is always scheduled.

The trip isn’t about football alone. Discover some of Europe’s most beautiful cities such as Rome, Naples and Milan.

Experience the football of the Serie A with a football trip to Italy!

Football Trip to Italy – Tips for an unforgettable trip

Are you planning a football trip to Italy or do you have doubts? Don’t! We at Footballtripsonline are happy to advise you, so that you know what to expect. Read through the tips so that you make the right choice. This way your football trip is guaranteed to be a success!


We offer trips to the following Italian football clubs: AC Milan, AS Rome, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio Rome and to S.S.C Napoli. Upon request we can also organise a trip to another Italian football club. Every club and the associated city has their own charm. Following you will find a few reasons as to why you should visit a specific club on your football trip.

A football trip to AC Milan should be on your bucket list because of:

  • English football royalty: David Beckham spent two seasons (on loan from LA Galaxy) playing for AC Milan. During his time with the Italian club, he played 33 matches and scored 2 goals.
  • Football History: AC Milan is the European club with the second most titles. In first place in Real Madrid.
  • San Siro: The home stadium of rivals Inter Milan and AC Milan can hold 80,000 fans.

You have to go on a football trip to AS Rome because:

  • Francesco Totti: The Italian spent his entire career playing for AS Rome. From 1992 until 2017 he made 619 appearances for the club, scoring 250 goals.
  • The biggest city in Italy: The capital of Italy has nearly 3 million inhabitants, making it the biggest city in Italy.
  • Stadio Olimpico: The stadium plays host to the home games of AS Rome and Lazio Rome. In the past it has played host to Champions League finals including the 2009 final which Manchester United lost to FC Barcelona.

Reasons to go on a football trip to watch Inter Milan are:

  • Milan: Due to its compactness, the fashion capital of Europe is ideal for a short visit. One day is enough to see all the major sights in the city.
  • Stadio Guiseppe Meazza: The stadium is known as San Siro and has hosted multiple Champions League and UEFA cup finals.
  • You have already been to watch AC Milan: Although AC Milan might be more well known on an international level, domestically both have won the same number of trophies.

A football trip to Juventus is a must for football fans if you are a fan of:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: The Portuguese national transferred to Juventus in the summer of 2018 for a whopping €100 million. His first season proved to be very successful. He was a key player in the success of the club and was voted MVP of the Serie A at the end of the season.
  • Scandals: Due to suspected manipulation, the 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 championship titles were revoked from Juventus. They were also declassed and had to play in the Serie B. However, the club has recovered and since regained its prestige.
  • Championships: Juventus has managed to win the league title for the past six years and has won a total of 33; the most in Italy.

A football trip to Lazio Rome, the rival of AS Rome, is something for football fans who:

  • Are interested in history: The impressive buildings in Rome are the remains of the capital of the Roman Empire.
  • Are crazy about old clubs: Founded in 1900, Lazio Rome is now 119 years old
  • Like Miroslav Klose: The former German international finished his impressive career at the club in 2016. He started playing for the club in 2011 and was often recognised for his fair play actions.

You have to take a football trip to S.S.C. Napoli if:

  • You are a fan of attacking football: The attacking style of play has rewarded the club with many goals and is fun for spectators to watch.
  • You like Diego Maradona: One of the best footballers to ever play for Napoli. He won the league twice, the UEFA Cup and the Coppa Italia with the club.
  • Fighting Spirit is what you like to see on the pitch: Due to insolvency in 2004, the club was relegated to the Serie C. However, in the past 7 seasons the club has always belonged to the top 5 clubs in the league.


Games that belong to the top matches in Italian football are games between, AC Milan, AS Rome, Inter Milan, Juventus, Lazio Rome and S.S.C. Napoli.

Apart from these top matches, there are plenty of derbies in Italian football. Some of the most exciting are:

  • Derby della Madonnina: AC Milan against Inter Milan
  • Derby della Capitale: AS Rome against Lazio Rome
  • Derby della Mole: Juventus against Torino
  • Derby della Scala: Hellas Verona against Chievo Verona
  • Derby d’Italia: Inter Milan against Juventus
  • Derby del Sole: AS Rome gegen S.S.C. Napoli
  • Derby delle Due Sicilie: S.S.C Napoli against Palermo


The best way to travel to Rome for your football trip is by plane. All cities we offer football trips to can be reached by plane in under three hours from all major airports within 3 hours.


In Italy, football is a thing of passion. Italian football fans are thus very passionate when it comes to cheering on their favourite team or national team. Despite all this passions, fans from opposing teams get along peacefully in the stadiums and can actually sit next to each other. There are also clubs that share their stadium with another club. For example AC Milan and Inter Milan share the same stadium, as do AS Rome and Lazio Rome. Most clubs have their own groups of fans, known as ultras. They are responsible for creating the atmosphere in the stadiums on match days.


You can tour nearly all stadiums of the clubs playing in the Serie A. The San Siro, the stadium shared by the Milan clubs, is the largest in Italy and has an impressive History. A tour of this impressive stadium costs €20. A tour around a different Italian stadium will also cost a maximum of €20.

Don’t forget to add the stadium tour to your booking. This has the advantage that you have a lot of different time slots to choose from and are not bound by the times available at the location. You can book a stadium tour with Footballtripsonline or with the desired club themselves.


All stadiums in Italy can be easily reached by car and public transport. Most are located quite centrally in relation to the city centre.

If you still have doubts about your trip, we at Footballtripsonline are more than happy to help put together your trip. Get in touch with us via email or by phone. Often times the clubs themselves have very detailed directions on how to best reach the stadium on their website.


If you are going on a football trip to Italy, it might be useful to know some basic Italian words in relation to football. Here are some words we think could be useful on your trip:

Scopo – Goal
Fuori Gioco – Off-Side
Attaccante – Striker
Centrocampista – Midfielder
Difensore – Defender
Capitano – Captain
Allenatore – Coach
Arbitro – Referee
Guardalinee – Lines Judge
Angolo – Corner
Fallo – Freekick
Pena – Penalty
Rigori – Penalty shoot-out
Tempo di arresto – Extra time
Uomo partita – Man of the Match
Stadio – Stadium

8. Tickets and football trip Italy – Serie A

If you have Serie A tickets, you will experience football at the highest level and enjoy a unique match in Italy! With footballtripsonline, the tickets are included in the entire football trip, consisting of: flight, hotel and tickets. Can’t wait to spend a weekend in Italy and want to sit on the pitch and watch your favorite soccer players? Then book a football trip to Italy!