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  • Can I also book a trip with 1 night stay?

    Of course you can. We would love to hear from you if you want to travel with more than 8 people. Please contact us so we can look at the possibilities together!

  • Can I travel with larger groups?

    Of course you can. We would love to hear from you if you want to travel with more than 8 people. Please contact us so we can look at the possibilities together!

  • Can I cancel the trip after I’ve booked it?

    Unfortunately, a football trip cannot be cancelled once it’s booked. The right of withdrawal does not apply to travel. Because the different travel components are assigned to your name, they can only be cancelled with a valid reason. If you do find that you are unable to travel, please contact us. It is possible to cancel one or more of the travel components – and get a refund – but this varies per package.

  • Can the date of travel be amended during the booking process?

    Yes, it’s possible to amend the date of travel during the booking process. However, please note that the travel time is tailored to the (probable) start (and end) time of the match, so you can’t travel any later than recommended. This ensures that you won’t miss the game.

  • I made a mistake in my name, can I change this?

    Yes, you can. However, please be aware that airlines usually charge a fee for this. You can email any changes to us via and we will help you with this.

  • How far in advance must a trip be booked?

    You can book a trip online up to 5 days before departure. However, the sooner you book, the cheaper the trip will usually be. This is mainly due to flight prices changing. Airlines usually raise their prices as the departure date approaches. This is due to seat availability in the airplane. Sometimes, however, it can happen that an airline drops its prices – or that the price and availability of a football match changes. This rarely happens, however. In most cases, we advise you to book the trip as soon as you have decided what match you wish to attend.

  • How will I know if a trip is available?

    All the football trips we offer on our website are available at the time of booking – and are constantly updated. Of course, it may be that a trip is sold out. In that case, Footballtripsonline will either offer an alternative or immediately refund your payment.

  • What happens after my booking?

    Immediately after payment (Step 3), you will receive an email confirmation detailing your itinerary. This confirmation includes all of your choices (match, flight, hotel, and any extras). Your travel documents will be emailed to you as a PDF file no later than 10 days prior to departure.

    The contents of the travel documents are as follows:


    Confirmation of flight with instructions on how to check in at the airport. Note these are e-tickets from the airline: you will not receive paper tickets through the post. All flights will be in the name of the travellers, as on their passports. This is also where you’ll find the reservation code.

    Confirmation of hotel including a confirmation code and vouchers. You can check in at the hotel by showing your passport; you may also be asked to present the hotel vouchers.
    Football Tickets

    Confirmation of football tickets. Your football tickets will be delivered to your hotel by courier one day before the match. Our years of experience have shown that this method of delivery is 100% safe. If you have booked a stadium tour, you will also receive the vouchers for this with your football tickets.

    If you have booked transfers or any other extras, these will also be included with your travel documents.

    The travel documents include an emergency number where we can be reached 24/7 if you have any urgent questions during your trip.

    Please check your travel documents immediately upon receipt – and contact us if anything is incorrect or if you have any questions.

  • Can I book a trip without an overnight stay?

    No, unfortunately flight timetables don’t allow us to book a package without accommodation – due to the match schedules in different countries.

    For example, in Holland, matches are usually played in the afternoon and there aren’t any evening flights that connect to the end time of the matches. And in Spain and Italy, two nights are even required because they only announce days before departure whether the match will be played on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Can I book by phone?

    Yes, you can. One of our staff will be more than happy to help you by telephone. Here one of our employees will help you go through the different booking steps.

  • How does the booking proces work on this website?

    You can book a complete football trip – including match, flight and accommodation – in just 3 simple steps:

    Step 1

    This is where you choose which club and match you would like to attend. On the homepage, choose your preferred club. Then choose a match from the list of fixtures. A screen will appear where you can enter your preferred departure airport, date of departure and the number of travellers. Once you’ve done this, you can then choose your seats in the stadium, which hotel you want to stay in and which flight you wish to take. A receipt will appear on the right of the screen. Please note that the total will be updated as you add  different options.

    Step 2

    This is where you fill in all the details of the travellers and, if required, add insurance. You first fill in the information for the travellers before separately adding the details of the main booker (this is the person who will be making the payment on behalf of everyone). Please therefore ensure that you have all the necessary information on the travellers to hand.

    Step 3
    This is where you agree to the Terms & Conditions and choose your preferred method of payment. Once you have filled in all the necessary details and agreed to the Terms & Conditions, you can begin the payment process. First choose the type of credit card. You will then be redirected to the secure payment system. Once you have paid for the trip for your entire party, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your tailor-made football package has been booked! All the necessary travel documents containing information about your trip will be emailed to you no later than one week prior to departure.


  • Can the date of travel be amended during the booking process?

    Yes, it’s possible to amend the date of travel during the booking process. However, please note that the travel time is tailored to the (probable) start (and end) time of the match, so you can’t travel any later than recommended. This ensures that you won’t miss the game.

  • What if a change to the match schedule means it’s no longer available for my itinerary?

    If a match schedule is changed – due to circumstance beyond our control – it may no longer be available for your itinerary. To save you from disappointment, we offer our Match Schedule Guarantee. In the event of this happening, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities for altering your travel dates. We will also explain what we pay for – and if you will have to pay for an extra night in a hotel.
    If you’ve booked a flight-based package, we will adjust either your outbound or return flight – not both – to ensure you can attend the game. If this means adding an extra hotel night, you will have to cover the cost of this yourself as your stay will be extended.

Corona virus

  • My match has been postponed, now what?

    At the moment all European leagues are put on hold and it is not yet known when they will be resumed. Currently, there is no clarity as to what will happen next regarding you football match. We, as a travel organization, are forced to wait for the decisions of the official authorities about the consequences for the football matches in order to adjust our policies. We will report on this as soon as there is more certainty.



  • We would like a different flight because the departure time isn’t convenient. Can we change this?

    It’s possible but unfortunately it’s not free. If a flight has already been booked, you will have to pay an extra fee to change it. This is because it’s assigned to your name. We can of course do this for you so don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Which airport can I fly from?

    You can choose which airport you want to leave from. In fact, you will be offered a variety of options in Step 1 of the booking process. If the nearest airport to you isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Why is the arrival time the same as the departure time?

    This is due to the fact that our website displays local times for the different time zones. It may seem that the arrival time is virtually the same as the departure time, but this isn’t the case. For example, you could take a flight from Paris to London departing at 11am local time and arrive at 11am local time in London – because France is one hour ahead of the UK.

  • Why must I pay more for a different departure time?

    Sometimes demand for a different departure time is greater than supply. Therefore, airlines may increase their rates accordingly. We always base our packages around the cheapest flights. Unfortunately, if you do want a different departure time, we must request an additional fee.

  • Why do I have to pay extra for checking in baggage?

    Most airlines only include hand luggage in the standard price – and charge a supplement for hold baggage. During Step 2, you will be shown the fees for hold baggage and can add this option to your booking if required.

  • The prices of a flight has changed. Why is this?

    Airlines set their prices depending on seat availability on the plane. The less availability on the plane, the more expensive the prices. As these prices are fed live into our site by the airlines, the price can sometimes change each time you do a search. Once you have booked your flight, however, the price you pay is fixed and you are guaranteed a seat – or seats – on that flight.

  • Are the flight arrival times floes to the match kick-off times?

    Naturally, we ensure that the flight included in your package is geared towards the kick-off time of the match. We also make sure that you have plenty of time to travel from the airport to the stadium or hotel.

  • How much luggage can I take?

    The flight you book includes a standard baggage allowance. If you want to take more luggage, you must indicate this when booking. Please also ensure that you check the website of the airline before departure to see how much baggage you can bring with you. This varies for each airline and regularly changes.

  • How do I get my flight tickets?

    Footballtripsonline will email e-tickets for your flight, along with your other travel documents. This means that you can check yourself in online: we also provide information on how to do this. If you’re not able to do this yourself, however, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    The documents shall be sent at least 10 days before the trip

Football tickets

  • Do you also sell match tickets outside of a package deal?

    Not, we only offer package deals.

  • Is it possible to reserve a wheelchair seat in the stadium?

    Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to reserve a wheelchair seat for foreign visitors at many clubs. If you wish to request a wheelchair seat, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

  • Our group consists of more than 3 people. Can we all sit together?

    We offer a Seating Guarantee which means that no-one will never sit on their own. If you book for 3 persons then the three of you will sit together. If there are more than 3 people, we always endeavour to seat the whole group together. If this isn’t possible, we divide the group into smaller groups. If you want the whole group to sit together, please contact us before you book and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Where in the stadium will I be sitting?

    Your booking confirmation includes the location of your seats. It’s also possible to upgrade them. Please note that we guarantee that seats will always be allocated in ‘pairs’ i.e. two seats next to each other. No-one will end up sitting on their own – even when a group of 3 people are travelling together. We also always do our best to seat larger groups together. For more information see our Seating Guarantee.

  • How do I get my match tickets?

    The tickets will be delivered at the city centre reception. These will be there no later than the morning of the match day. If the cards are released in any other way, we will contact you about this! The documents shall be sent at least 10 days before the trip


  • Is the hotel close to the stadium?

    Usually, the hotel is not close to the stadium. The majority of stadiums are actually located in areas outside of the city centre which aren’t particularly nice areas to stay in. In most cases, we opt for a hotel in other neighbourhoods which are closer to – or in – the centre. This allows you to enjoy the city as well as the match.

  • Why does the hotel selection change on your site?

    Our search & booking system is linked in real-time to the reservation systems of the hotels. This means that only those with availability are displayed. Once a hotel is fully booked it will immediately disappear from our site which is why the selection can differ per search. This does ensure however that there is no chance of double bookings – and that you are always guaranteed the hotel you’ve chosen during the booking process.

  • Does the price of the hotel include breakfast?

    You can choose whether or not you would like breakfast in Step 1 of the booking process.

  • Will the hotel be in the centre of the city?

    In our search & booking system, we offer different hotels. You can choose the hotel rating and location during Step 1 of the booking process.
    Whichever hotel you choose, you can be assured of a comfortable journey from your hotel to the football stadium. We endeavour to offer hotels that are strategically located on public transport routes to the stadium.

    In most cities, stadiums are outside the city centre. And often they’re located in neighbourhoods which aren’t particularly attractive to stay in, such as San Siro in Milan (AC Milan). The most popular hotels are usually located in districts other than those of the football stadiums.

    That’s why we offer you a centrally-located hotel so both the football stadium and the city centre are within easy reach.

  • At what time can I check in at the hotel?

    You can check in immediately upon arrival and, if needs be, leave your luggage at the hotel before heading to the match or into town. It may be that you won’t yet be able to go to your room because most hotels don’t allow access until 14.00. This is because rooms are cleaned in the morning. However, if your room hasn’t been used the night before you may be able to go straight to your room upon arrival.

  • How do I enter my room preferences?

    When booking a room for more than two people, our search & booking system will ask for your room preferences. You can find more information about this in the confirmation email.


  • How does ensure my privacy?

    We protect your personal information and privacy in accordance with the current legislation in force. This means we will never pass your information on to third parties. We explain our procedures and how we handle your sensitive information in our Privacy Policy.

  • When will the match time be finalized?

    This varies for each country. The match schedule and times are approximate and only intended to give you an indication when booking your trip. During the course of the season, matches can change times or even day. This is due to live TV broadcasts or European competition obligations. In Spain, for instance, the start time is announced just 3 weeks in advance. In other countries, this is usually 2 to 4.

  • Is it possible to give a football trip as a gift?

    Yes, that’s possible. You can even choose the value of the gift voucher and let us personalise it for you! See the ‘Gift voucher’ page for more information about how to give someone a football trip as a present.

  • Some members of our group want to go on the trip but not to the football match. Is that possible?

    Yes, this is usually possible. Please contact us and let us know which trip it concerns and we’ll see how we can help you.

  • Is it possible to receive a brochure?

    No, it isn’t possible to receive a brochure. All our offers can be found on our website where prices and availability are continuously monitored.

  • Will my surfing behaviour be registered on your website?

    Yes, we record your browsing habits but only to improve your surfing experience on our site. This information does not contain any personal (privacy-sensitive) data and is only used internally by


  • Is it safe to pay online at

    It is completely safe to pay online at The payment process is secured by VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) and takes place on a secure server. A secure connection is indicated by the padlock icon in the address/URL bar of your browser. Furthermore, your payment and bank details are never stored.

  • What are the different payment methods?

    You can pay with Paypal and with mulitple credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard.

  • How long does it take to sit?

    You should receive a confirmation email immediately after completion of the payment process. If you don’t receive one, please check your Junk Mail Folder. If you still can’t find it, contact us as soon as possible.

  • Can I use the right of withdrawal?

    No, the right of withdrawal for online purchases is not valid for travel. It’s also not possible to terminate the contract for the supply of our services without a valid reason. When you book a football trip, different travel components are assigned to your name and can’t therefore be cancelled. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions in which we explain the rules that apply to our football packages.

  • What are the terms regarding the deposit and final payment?

    The deposit is 50% of the total amount, as indicated in your booking confirmation. The balance is due to Footballtripsonline no later than 6 weeks before your trip. Please transfer this to our bank account. Please note that if you book your trip within 6 weeks of departure, you will be charged the full amount.


  • How did the extra cost of my flight get so high?

    We use the cheapest option for the flights in our basic package. The costs per airport can differ, because we offer many different airports nearby.

  • How did the surcharge of some city centres get so high?

    We have many different options in our assortment per city centre. We assume the cheapest option in our basic package, these prices are much lower than the high quality city centres.

  • Are there any additional fees on top of the price for a trip?

    All our prices are fully-inclusive – there are no hidden costs or extra charges. This makes it easy to see what everything costs. The only exception is if you pay by credit card: banks charge a 3.5% fee of the total cost of your trip

  • Why are some football trips much more expensive than others?

    Some packages are much more expensive than others mostly due to flight prices. Flight tickets are more expensive the nearer it gets to the departure date; different travel seasons also affect the rates. Same too with the price of match tickets. For a detailed explanation see the question on this FAQ: ‘How do you determine the price of the packages?’

  • How do you determine the price of the packages?

    The price of a football package is determined by the flight prices, hotel accommodation and match tickets. Below is an overview of the different elements which influence the price.

    In most cases, the further away the departure date, the cheaper the flight. The price of the air ticket also depends on which travel season you fly in. For example, flights are more expensive in high season or over Christmas than in February.

    Generally speaking, the prices of hotels in Germany are more expensive than those in Spain or Italy. Certain cities can also cause the price to vary.

    Match Ticket
    Because individually demand for match tickets is much greater than supply, the price on the ticket is usually higher than what we have had to pay for it. Consequently, major football competitions are more expensive than regular matches. The same applies to the fees for seat upgrades.

    We request a fixed surcharge for all our package trips so that the search & booking system is able to deliver a complete football package in a few clicks. You are assured of excellent service; we also offer a Seating Guarantee and Match Schedule Guarantee at no extra cost. This means you can enjoy a worry-free trip.

  • Why do the prices keep changing on your site?

    Changing airfares are usually the reason prices change on our site. Airlines tend to increase their rates as the departure date draws nearer due to seat availability in the airplane. The prices on our website are retrieved in real-time directly from the airlines. That’s why the price can change each time you search. Once you have booked your trip, however, the total amount is fixed and will never change.

  • Do children get a discount?

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer child discounts for our trips.

  • Is a group discount possible?

    No. Group discounts are not possible for our football trips. This is because we already offer the best possible deals.

  • Do your prices include VAT?

    The prices stated on our website always include VAT. As a travel agency, which falls under travel agency regulations, we do not charge VAT to our customers.

  • Is the price on the website per person?

    Yes, all the prices on the website are per person. They are modified during the booking process depending on your choices. The receipt on the right of the screen displays the total amount and gives you a breakdown of all the prices.

Specific clubinformation

  • Why am I flying to Bergamo? (AC Milan & Inter Milan)

    The flight tickets are offered based on the price and offer. As we assume the cheapest option, it could be Bergamo on certain dates.

  • How do I get from the city centre to the AS Roma stadium?

    The easiest way to reach the stadium is by bus or metro. The stadium is about 10 kilometers away from the centre and is approximately half an our by bus. Furthermore it is a good option to take one of the many taxi’s which are driving around. This will cost €15/€20 for a drive.

  • How do I get from the city centre to the Bayern München stadium?

    Take the metro from ‘München Central Station’ to ‘Allianz Arena’. Take the metro to Holzkirchen on track 3. Get off after 2 stops at ‘Munich Marienplatz station’. From that station you have to take the metro to ‘Garching, Forschungszentrum’, after that get off after 11 stops at station ‘Fröttmaning’. After a 10 minute walk you will reach the stadium.

  • How do I get from the city centre to the Atletico Madrid stadium?

    The nearest metrostation to reach Estadio Wanda Metropolitano is station ‘Estadio Metropolitano’ (line 7). It is also possible with metro line 2 to the station ‘Las Rosas’ or metro line 5 to the station ‘Cannillejas’. From these stations it is 15 minute walk to the stadium.

  • How do I get from the city centre to the Barcelona stadium?

    The best way to get to Camp Nou is by metro. Line 3 from the centre of Barcelona is a good option. Then it is best to get off at the Maria Cristina stop or at Palau Reial. From here it’s a short walk to the stadium.

  • How do I get from the city centre to the Real Madrid stadium?

    Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is a little over 5 kilometers from the centrum and is easy to reach with public transport. Madrid has its own metro station on line 10. But it is also easy to get to the stadium by bus; 14, 27, 40, 43, 120, 147 or 150.


  • Are transfers from the airport to the stadium or hotel included?

    Transfers are not included in your football package. You will, however, receive detailed information in the travel documents about public transport – including directions to the stadium and hotel. You can also take a taxi if you prefer.

    We can also arrange the transfer for you. Please contact us by email to ask a quote for the transfer service. After you received the quote, you can decide whether you want to add the transfer service to your booking.

Travel documents

  • I haven’t received a confirmation email. Why not?

    The confirmation email may have gone into your Junk Mail Folder. If the confirmation email isn’t there please contact us as soon as possible so we can send you confirmation of your booking.

  • There are only e-tickets in my travel documents. Is that right?

    Yes, there are only e-tickets in your travel documents. This allows you to check yourself in online for your flight and choose your preferred seat(s). Instructions on how to do this are in the travel documents. The same applies to the hotel reservation. When you present the voucher (also an e-ticket) at the hotel reception, you will get the keys to your room.

  • What information does the travel documents contain?

    The travel documents contain all necessary information about your trip i.e. a voucher for your hotel, the conditions for checking into the hotel and so forth. We also include the emergency number of Footballtripsonline which you can call 24 hours a day in case any urgent problems arise.


  • Does your website use cookies?

    Yes, our website uses cookies. If you don’t wish to receive cookies, you can easily disable them by changing the settings in your browser. For information on how to do this please refer to the Help menu of your browser.