The price of a football package is determined by the flight prices, hotel accommodation and match tickets. Below is an overview of the different elements which influence the price.

In most cases, the further away the departure date, the cheaper the flight. The price of the air ticket also depends on which travel season you fly in. For example, flights are more expensive in high season or over Christmas than in February.

Generally speaking, the prices of hotels in Germany are more expensive than those in Spain or Italy. Certain cities can also cause the price to vary.

Match Ticket
Because individually demand for match tickets is much greater than supply, the price on the ticket is usually higher than what we have had to pay for it. Consequently, major football competitions are more expensive than regular matches. The same applies to the fees for seat upgrades.

We request a fixed surcharge for all our package trips so that the search & booking system is able to deliver a complete football package in a few clicks. You are assured of excellent service; we also offer a Seating Guarantee and Match Schedule Guarantee at no extra cost. This means you can enjoy a worry-free trip.