Find your ultimate football experience!

Football breaks offers several different football breaks, to different countries and competitions across Europe. You can choose a football trip to the big FC Barcelona to experience the many world stars up-close. Or do you refer a trip to Germany, to see FC Bayern München or Borussia Dortmund? The passion and the excitement of filled up stadiums of the Bundesliga are famous the world over.

The football breaks consist of trips you yourself can put together. You choose your seats at the stadium, the type of accommodations, the airports and the times you fly. It is also possible to add extras to your trip. These extras consist of possible stadium tours and bus excursions to make your football break complete.

Naturally, the highlights of the football breaks are the matches themselves, but the fun starts as you select the match to which your football trip will take you. The results and developments of the chosen clubs are closely monitored after that. The date of your trip draws near, until the day you are off and your football trip can finally start. You travel to the city where your chosen team is playing and make your way to the stadium. You watch your heroes make their way onto the pitch and the match begins. And afterwards,  you have the perfect opportunity to explore the city to make your football trip experience complete.

Read all about the different football breaks on and put together your own favourite football trip.

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