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Football trips

Booking a football trip on is simple and fast. You can assemble your entire trip in three easy steps. You choose your seats at the stadium, your hotel and flight. And it is also possible to add extras to your trip, too, such as a stadium tours.

Booking a football trip on  also has several interesting advantages. We offer different guarantees, such as at least three stadium seats next to one another during matches, and our football trips are also always sharply priced. offers several different football trips. The destinations vary. Some of the more popular of those are Spain, Germany and Italy, all with the potential for a great football trip experience. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain are more than worth your while to see up-close.

Of course, offers much more than football alone. You can see the sights at the match cities, go out for dinner or go shopping. It that regard, cities such as Barcelona, Madrid or Rome are ideal football trip destinations. Another related extra you can add are the stadium tours, to discover all there is to know about the stadiums and the clubs.

But, of course, the exciting part of football trips is the unpredictability of the match itself, the actions of the players and those of the referee even. A penalty kick can turn the match around, or one individual play can decide it. There are numerous examples of ‘big’ clubs being beaten by ‘little’ ones. Another good reason to book a football trip is the atmosphere inside the stadium during a match. There is nothing better or more impressive than thousands of fans getting behind their club during a match.

Have a look at our offering and go on a football trip to see your favourite club.

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