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Football trip AS Monaco

Before your football trip to AS Monaco, do you want to know everything about the club? Continue reading here!...

Football trip AS Monaco

Before your football trip to AS Monaco, do you want to know everything about the club? Continue reading here!

AS Monaco was founded in 1919 and has seen many highs and lows since. The club’s first big wins were between 1960 and 1970. In 1960 it won its first prize, and it was immediately a double win, too: both the French cup, as well as the national championship. It was to win only one prize in the years that followed, though; the cup in 1963, and it closed off the sixties with an all-time low, as it relegated to the French Ligue 2.

The coming of Wenger, 1987-1995

In the season of 1987 / 1988, Frenchman Arsène Wenger was appointed as head coach of the club. In his first season leading the AS Monaco selection, Wenger brought in the trophy for the Ligue 1, and came close to repeating these accomplishments by finishing second and third in the competition in the years that followed. What he clearly did succeed in as head coach, was giving the club continuity in its good game.

The years after Wenger, 1995-2005

After Arsène Wenger’s departure, the Monegasque club remained in the top of the Ligue 1, winning the national championship  in 1997 and 2000. Other achievements included winning the French Super Cup, the Coupe de France (French cup) and making it to the Champions League finals in 2004, in which it faced FC Porto led by José Mourinho, losing it 0-3.

A downward spiral, 2005-2012

During this period things went downhill for AS Monaco. It was no longer a contender for any prizes and the quality of its game left much to be desired. The all-time low came in 2011, when the club relegated once more to the Ligue 2. It was a particularly nail-biting season in which even on the last day of play, at number ten in the competition it still risked relegation. Monaco had to win to keep its place in the Ligue 1. On the last day of the competition it faced Olympique Lyon, the French number three and lost. By relegating in 2011, the club closed off a period in which it had been a contender at the highest levels of French football for 34 years.

Changes, 2012-present day

The biggest change was signalled by the coming of Russian billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovlev. Initially, AS Monaco rejected the takeover bid by the Russian, because it thought it could make it back to the top of French football without outside help. But this was not to be the case, as by mid-season the club ranked at the very bottom of the Ligue 2. Rybolovlev re-entered his offer for a takeover, and this time the club accepted.

The takeover itself was marked by ‘large’ transfers to strengthen the AS Monaco selection. Rybolovlev’s plan was for the club to return to the Ligue 1 as soon as the following season. To achieve this, the Monegasque club broke the Ligue 2 transfer record by contracting Lucas Ocampos for 11.5 million euros from River Plate. The plan worked and in the 2012-2013 season, AS Monaco was back playing at the highest levels of French football.

The next part of Rybolovlev’s plan was to have AS Monaco return to the European stage. Another series of large transfers followed, as Radamel Falcao, James Rodríguez and João Moutinho went to play for Monaco for a combined sum of 130 million euros. However, it is yet to come within reach of the major European prizes.

Football trip to Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is a small nation located in the South of France. Even if it is on the European continent, it is not part of the European Union. Monaco is known as a vacationing spot for the rich and sometimes famous, a tax haven and the home of AS Monaco. There are quite a number of sights in Monaco worth a visit as well, such as the Prince’s Palace, the cathedral and the harbour, to name but a few. The Principality has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, which makes Monaco enjoyable to visit pretty much all year round – and a more than a perfect destination for a football trip.

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