FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – El Clasíco

Rinus Michels once said: “Football is war”. This holds some truth, especially when it comes to one football game: El Clasíco. Joy, sadness, love and hate. All this comes together in the 90 minutes when FC Barcelona faces off with Real Madrid. It is Catalonia against Spain. This is top level football and the best of the best that the football world has to offer. You can read more about El Clasíco here!

El Clasíco’s van 2019/2020

The dates of the Spanish La Liga have been released. This means a lot but most importantly it means that we finally know when FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will face each other this season!

  • Saturday 26th October 2019 – FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Camp Nou*
  • Saturday 29th February 2020 – Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Santiago Bernabeu*

Those are the dates of the El Clasíco line ups in the league but it is likely that there will be more El Clasíco match ups. Whether this be in La Copa del Rey or in the Champions League is yet to be determined.

*These dates are still susceptible to change. The final dates are usually announced 5 weeks in advance. The first El Clasíco will take place in Round 10 and the second in Round 26 of La Liga this season.

FC Barcelona Real Madrid, lionel messie ruzie sergio ramos

The history of El Clasíco

On May 13th 1902 Barcelona and Real Madrid, then Madrid CF faced off. It was the first El Clasíco, the first classic of all classics. Barcelona beat Madrid 3:1. In terms of victories, the number is relatively equal at the moment. Barcelona overtook Madrid as the overall winner of El Clasícos in all competitions last season. Barcelona has won a total of 96 times; Madrid a total of 95 times.

Not a derby, but a lot more than that

Although a lot of people think that El Clasíco is a derby match, it is not. It is a charged duel with political appeal; not a match between fellow citizens or locals. It is the story behind El Clasíco that makes it such an appealing match. It is Catalonia, fighting for independence, against the central government in Madrid. It is David against Goliath, whereby David wins more often.

Preview for this seasons El Clasíco’s

Last season Barcelona was able to win 3 of the 4 El Clasícos. One might even say they won them with ease. Barcelona managed to score 10 goals and only conceded 3. It is therefore quite easy to pinpoint Barcelona as the favourites for this season as well, but anything can happen in La Liga.

New season, new players

FC Barcelona strengthened their roster with Dutch talent Frenkie de Jong and French superstar Antoine Griezmann. Compared to Barcelona, Real Madrid went on a large shopping spree spending nearly €300.000.000 for Eden Hazard, Eder Militão, Rodrygo and Mendy. The final sum may end up being a lot higher as there are rumours that Madrid is looking to buy Paul Pogba from Manchester United.

The line-up of both teams for the 2019/2020 season may look as followed:

Opstelling Barca Real Madrid seizoen 2019 2020 voetbalreis

Just looking at these line up makes it even harder to predict the outcomes of El Clasíco for this season.

After long considerations, we have decided to make a prediction: Real Madrid will win one El Clasíco and FC Barcelona the other El Clasíco. We think that both teams will be too strong for their rival in their home stadiums.

What do you think? Will Barcelona be able to win both El Clasícos again this season or has Real Madrid gotten too strong? Why not witness it with your own eyes with a football trip to El Clasíco.

Top 5 unforgettable moments that happened in El Clasíco

There are too many moments to mention them all. Messi, holding his shirt high into the Bernabeu or Ronaldo telling Camp Nou to do it ‘’calma”. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 5 unforgettable moments of El Clasíco.

Mourinho sticking his fingers into Vilanova’s eyes

Jose Mourinho is not known to be the nicest of people. The Portuguese manager showed this side of his during the Spanish Super Cup in 2011. After a hard tackle by Marcelo, an altercation began. Mourinho decided to get involved and stuck his fingers into Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova.

4 El Clasíco’s in 3 weeks

In the 2010/2011 season the El Clasíco was carried out 4 times in a time period of just 17 days. The matches included the final of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League semi-final. Real Madrid secured the Copa del Rey title whilst Barcelona walked away with the Champions League title.

A pig’s head for Figo

Barcelona fans have loyalty running through their veins. One of the things they despise the most is when a Barcelona player switches to rival Madrid. Despite that, Luis Figo decided he wanted to play for Real Madrid. This decision was not without consequences for him. He was targeted with bottles, lighters and flares. But the tip of the fans’ anger became aware when a pig’s head was thrown at Figo. The game itself was not very exciting, ending in a 0:0 draw, however the pig’s head will forever be remembered.

Gareth Bale’s super sprint in the Copa del Rey final

Everyone is aware of Gareth Bale’s speed on the pitch. He once again proved his speed in the final of the 2014 Copa del Rey. Half way up the pitch Marc Bartra forced him to cross the side-line of the pitch. But Bale managed to over take him and ended up scoring.

Standing ovation in the Bernabéu for Ronaldinho

El Clasíco is synonymous for fighting spirit, but every now and then there is respect and admiration for the opponent. It is hard to imagine the Madrilenians applauding a Barca player, but this has happened a few times. The Brazilian ball wizard Ronaldinho brought the Bernabeu to its feet. In 2005 his infectious smile and skills on the pitch turned a stadium full of enemies to admires. Ronaldinho scored two goals that day.

Facts about El Clasíco

  1. Every year more than one hundred million people watch El Clasíco. This makes it one of the most watched sporting events in the world.
  2. The first El Clasíco took place in 1902 during a tournament honouring King Alfonso XIII.
  3. Besides Luis Figgo Gheorge Hagi, Samuel Eto’o, Ronaldo and Javier Saviola also played for both Barcelona and Madrid.
  4. Lionel Messi is the top scorer of El Clasíco with 21 goals.
  5. The highest score in El Clasíco ever was 11:1 for Real Madrid.
  6. As of 2006 there has not been an El Clasíco without goals.

Do you want to experience Barcelona against Real Madrid?

One simply has to experience El Clasíco. It certainly is a bucket list item for any football fan. Watching Messi and Frenkie de Jong take on Hazard and Sergio Ramos is an unforgettable experience. The fanatical Madrilenian or the Barca fans, who cheer their team to victory. You just have to experience it.

We offer football trips to FC Barcelona as well as to Real Madrid. Discover the hip city of Barcelona or immerse yourself in the cultural centre of Madrid. Our football trips include football tickets, hotel and flight. We have a nice trip planed for you, but you can customise everything to your liking. El Clasíco in La Liga take place as following this season:

  • Saturday 26th October 2019 – FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Camp Nou*
  • Saturday 29th February 2020 – Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Santiago Bernabeu*

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*These dates are still susceptible to change. The final dates are usually announced 5 weeks in advance. The first El Clasíco will take place in Round 10 and the second in Round 26 of La Liga this season.