In Rome you can discover plenty of historic Buildings, Plazas and museums. In addition to the Colosseum, the Olympic Stadium is worth a visit. AS Roma and Lazio play here, two clubs, each with their own identity and a strong rivalry. The Rome Derby is a guaranteed spectacle.

Table of contents

  1. The Roman Clubs on the Map
  2. The two clubs from Rome
  3. The Stadio Olimpico (The Stadium of Rome)
  4. The Roman Derby

1.     The Roman Clubs on the Map

Football clubs Rome on the map

2. The two clubs from Rome

1. SS Lazio

In the 20th Century the Societá Sportiva Lazio became the first football club in Rome. The name Lazio is a reference to the region in which Rome is located and the Eagle in the Logo is the Symbol of the Roman Empire. The fanatical fans are often associated with the right wing and are known as fascist sympathizers. So the club is not popular with everyone. Fans of other clubs celebrated the time, when Lazio was demoted in the 1980es after a fraud scandal. Lazio however managed to comeback and won the Serie A for the second time in 2000. The only English player to have played for Lazio was Paul Gascoigne from 1992-1995.

SS Lazio Roma

2. AS Roma

AS Roma was founded in 1927 by the fusion of three clubs and is known as the club of the people. The fans of the Giallorossie, the yellow and red ones, traditionally come from the working-class areas in the south and east of Rome. The club colours refer to the colours of the Italian capital (gold and purple) and Rome is also honoured in the club logo. On the chest of the jersey there is a female wolf with Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome according to Roman mythology. AS Roma is the more successful club of the two, with 3 league titles, 2 national championships and 2 Italian Super Cups. Club icons include Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi.

AS Roma

The two rivals have been playing at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome since 1953, but this will soon come to an end. AS Roma will move out first. The club will move to the new Stadio della Rome. This was inspired by the Colosseum. The construction was delayed for bureaucratic reasons, but now everything is going to plan and the move will take place soon. Lazio already presented plans for a new stadium in 2000, but these were cancelled due to financial problems. Now the club is working on designs for a new home, which must replace the Stadio Olimpico.

Stadio Olimpico

4. The Roman Derby

If you want to witness pure Italian passion, grit and fireworks, then watching a match live between AS Roma and Lazio is definitely recommended. The Derby Della Capitale, the Derby of the Capital, is  very heated and emotional. When these two clubs face off, it is not just about three points but about the honour of Rome. As Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan have dominated the Italian competition for years, the Roman clubs fight for the honour of Rome instead. Lazio likes to emphasises that this is the oldest of the two clubs, but Roma calls the fans of Lazio farmers because the name of the club refers to the entire region, including the rural areas.

In 2015 Totti played is 40th Roman Derby and managed to score two goals in the game. The Club legend from AS Roma thereby became the player with the most goals in the Roman derby. Prior to the game he had long thought about how he would celebrate and in the end came up with something rather creative. After his second goal he took a selfie in front of the Curva Sud with the AS Roma fans. He prepared by giving the goal keeper coach his phone beforehand. The picture made its way around the world and is a real thorn to Lazio fans.

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