The twelve clubs from Liverpool – Season 2019/2020

Liverpool and Everton are, thanks to their many years of participation in the Premier League, the most famous clubs from Liverpool. What many football fans don’t know is that the entire Merseyside region has a total of 12 clubs playing on different levels. All twelve clubs are covered in this article.

Latest update 12th of February

Table of contents

  1. Clubs on the map
  2. Clubs on a professional level
  3. Clubs on a semi-professional level
  4. Clubs on a semi-professional and amateur level

1. Clubs on the map

Liverpool football clubs on the map

2. Clubs on a professional level

For many years Liverpool and Everton are the only clubs from Liverpool playing in the Premier League. On the other side of the Mersey, Tranmere Rovers also plays professional football, namely in the League Two (the fourth level).

1. Everton FC

Everton FC is Liverpool’s oldest club, founded 140 years ago as St. Domingo Football Club. The Toffees held the record for most seasons ever at the highest level: 116 seasons in total. In total, Everton became champions 9 times (the last time in 1987) and the club won the FA Cup 5 times (the last time in 1995). Everton has been playing her games since 1892 at Goodison Park but before they played their games at Anfield. A dispute with the owner of Anfield over the lease made Everton decide to move. The owner of Anfield, John Houlding, decided to set up a football club himself to play at Anfield (Liverpool FC). The rest is history.

Stadium Everton

2. Liverpool FC

Between the two the most popular football club in the city is Liverpool FC. Also, Liverpool FC is one of the most beloved clubs in the world. This is partly due to the phenomenal atmosphere at Anfield. Before the start of every match the fans sing the beautiful song ” You’ll never walk alone ”. The fact that The Reds won no less than 6 times the Champions League certainly contributes to the worldwide fame of the club. Not surprisingly, Liverpool and Everton have a rivalry and the clubs are located really close to each other.

The Kop Liverpool

3. Clubs on a semi-professional level

Southport FC, Marine FC and Prescot Cables are the clubs from Liverpool who are playing their match on a semi-professional level. Southport FC plays in the National League North (sixth level), Marine FC in the Northern Premier League Premier Division (seventh level) and Prescot Cables in the Northern Premier League Division One North (eighth level).

3. Tranmere Rovers

When you want to visit Tranmere Rovers cross the Mersey via the Kingsway Tunnel and turn left. You reach Birkenhead, the city where Tranmere Rovers play their games. Compared to Everton and Liverpool, Tranmere Rovers doesn’t have worldwide fame. Tranmere Rovers is more a local club, with a lot of local fans who all live close to the stadium. It’s the club from Liverpool with the most raw English atmosphere: a stadium in the middle of a residential area, famous for their kick and rush football, pints and chips.
For enthusiasts: Joris van de Wier from Staan Tribune recently made this photo report of Tranmere Rovers.

Prenton Park

4. Southport FC

Southport FC is a football club from Southport, a city about 20 miles up north. The Sandgrounders played from 1921 to 1978 in the Football League (the English professional league). With the exception of four seasons, Southport mainly played in the lowest division. In the season 2017/2018, Southport relegated from the National League (fifth level) to the sixth level. The club still plays at this level in the stadium called Haig Avenue.

Haig Avenue

5. Marine FC

Marine FC is a football club from Crosby, a city about 7 miles up north. In the club’s history one particular thing stands out. It was Roly Howard, the manager of post-war English football. Howard managed The Mariners from 1972 to 2005 in a total of 1975 matches. Marine FC plays its home games at Rosett Park, a stadium with only 389 seats, in the Northern Premier League Premier Division (the seventh level). The stadium is shared with AFC Liverpool (more about this club later).

Rosett Park

6. Prescot Cables

Prescot Cables is a football club from Prescot, a city about 10 miles west from the city centre of Liverpool. The Pesky Bulls is owned by the fans and plays its home games in the Northern Premier League (the eighth level) at Valerie Park. Despite the fact that the club is not known worldwide, images of the Liverpool Senior Cup win went viral. After the first goal, the fans fell through a billboard (see images below).

Prescot Cables football

3. Clubs on a semi-professional and amateur level

AFC Liverpool, Bootle FC, Cammell Laird 1907, City of Liverpool FC, Litherland REMYCA and St Helens Town play their matches at the semi-professional and amateur level. Bootle FC, City of Liverpool FC and Litherland REMYCA play their games on the ninth level and AFC Liverpool, Cammell Laird 1907 and St Helens Town on the tenth level.

7. Bootle FC

Bootle FC is a football club from Bootle, a suburb north of Liverpool. The Bucks play their home games at New Bucks Park on the ninth level (North West Counties League). The club has a remarkable history. In the early years (1880) they were the biggest rival of Everton. Together they competed for a spot in the Football League, in which only one club from each area was allowed to participate. Everton has been winning and playing in the Premier League for many years, while Bootle even went bankrupt in 1953 and continued under the Langton name in 1954. Bootle’s biggest success is the victory of the Liverpool Senior Cup in 2013.

Bootle FC

8. City of Liverpool FC

City of Liverpool FC is a club from Liverpool. The Purps was founded in 2015 and plays in the stadium of Bootle FC. In the debut season, City of Liverpool FC immediately won two cups and the club won the play-offs for promotion. In the second season it won another cup and participated in the FA Cup for the first time.

City of Liverpool

9. Litherland REMYCA

Literherland REMYCA is a football club from Litherland, a town north of Liverpool. The club has undergone several name changes in the history of The REMY. The last one was in 2013. The separate name REMYCA owes the club to the left with the REM social club and the Bootle YMCA.

litherland REMYCA

10. AFC Liverpool

AFC Liverpool is a club from Liverpool founded by supporters of the former professional club Liverpool FC. In 2008, Alun Parry founded under the guidance of dissatisfied supporters who no longer decided to pay the high ticket prices. The club attracts an average of 1000 supporters at home games at Rosett Park, a stadium that AFC Liverpool shares with Marine FC.

AFC Liverpool

11. Cammell Laird 1907

Cammell Laird 1907 originated from Birkenhead, just like Tranmere Rovers. Since its foundation in 1907, The Camels played mainly in the lower regional divisions. The club is currently playing its home games at Kirklands in the North West Counties League (the tenth level).

cammel laird

12. St Helens Town

St Helens Town A.F.C. is a football club from St Helens, a city about 13 miles west of Liverpool. St Helens Town is known for its good youth education: Bill Foulkes (Manchester United), John Quinn (Sheffield Wednesday) and John Connely (Burnley) started their youth education at the Saints. Today, the club plays in the North West Counties League (the tenth level), where it last ended in 20th of the 22 teams.

St Helens Town


Plan your football trip to Liverpool. Enjoy the top clubs from Liverpool and local gems such as Tranmere Rovers and AFC Liverpool.